Every now and then  it seems like The Simpsons will go viral for some reason; whether they predict the future or someone makes a meme there’s no shortage of content to keep the show relevant during its off season. This week twitter user Carlo Magliocco posed an open question to the internet: Who in your opinion is the greatest one joke Simpsons character of all time.

It speaks to the power of the show and the way they handle their characters that they’ll create characters who might only appear in one scene in order to deliver a very specific joke, never to be seen again, and yet have fans completely infatuated with them.

The list to choose from is plentiful as the cast of the show is staggeringly large. But it could be argued that each one was necessary and that the joke would probably have been less funny had someone else delivered it.

Here’s what twitter had to say, let us know what you think in the comments below!