Younger is finally coming back after leaving us all on a bummer of a season finale where everything that could go wrong did.

Josh declared his love to Liza then married Clare to get over her. Liza saw Charles on TV with Pauline talking about reconciliation. Kelsey and Zane are all over the place, and the whole thing just left us with too many feels to process.

Luckily, June 5th isn’t that far away and the trailer (embedded below) makes this season seem like the perfect mix of sex, drama, books, and friendship.

Josh is sad and brooding and regretting his relationship with Liza?
Liza & Charles are sneaking around?
Kelsey is dating everyone in Manhattan?
Diana & Lauren FINALLY meet!
Liza struts around in a power suit!
& something is a huge mess that’s making everyone cry

is it June 5th yet?!

Check out the trailer below

Season 5 premieres June 5th on TVLand