The CW

The gag reel might be my favourite part of every TV show. Getting to see the actors you fall in love with every week break character and die of laughter over the same jokes that make you laugh so hard you have to pause the show.

Some tv shows hide their gag reels on their very expensive DVD’s, others do a 2 minute gag reel that ends before it’s even begun, and some, worst of all, do not release a gag reel, ever!

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, whose never done us dirty, just put their glorious season 2gag reel up on YouTube for everyone to see & it has got it all! Cursing, laughing, breaking character, dick punches, Santino Fontana, and so much more.

Check the clip out below and don’t forget to watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Fridays at 8 on The CW – returning January 5th.