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This post contains major spoilers for episode 1×05 of Krypton, “House of Zod.”

This weeks episode starts out with a young Jayna Zod fighting her brother as her dad fills us in on what it means to be a Zod. As her brother knocks her down, he hesitates in finishing her off, which their dad says will leave Jayna vulnerable to attacks of the same magnitude. While her brother is being lectured, Jayna turns the tides on her brother and does to her brother what he was afraid to do, finish him off, much to the liking of her father.

Back on the icy planet where Seg escaped from at the end of last episode, Seg is leaving a trail of blood, while Black Zero agents are on the look out for him. They need to find him before the snow storm starts. Seg makes his way back to the compound not before finding a woman who tells Seg she can bring them to safety. Seg unties her and they head off.

Lyta is still locked up when Dev walks in to talk with her. Lyta informs Dev he could get in trouble for meeting with her, but he tells her that he knows her and he knows she could never be a Black Zero agent. Dev and Lyta reminisce about the first time they met, 18 Nova Cycles ago. Dev confesses his love to Lyta and Lyta kisses him and tells him she loves him.

Seg is carrying the woman, who is barely functioning and cant remember where they’re going when Seg sees the house of el emblem on the wall. Seg and the woman are stopped by a group of soldiers and taken back to their compound.

Daron Vex is scolding his daughter Nyssa for trying to turn Jayna Zod to their side as he believes Jayna will now just turn them over to the council for conspiring against Rao. Daron also believes someone is clouding her judgement (Seg). In order to take over the Voice of Rao, they need the Saggitari on their side, not against them.

At the compound, Seg is taken to meet the Ice Goddess, Cythonna, the true mother of Krypton. Cythonna tells Seg that he’s not meant to be here and she doesn’t trust the house of el. However, because Seg saved the woman, Cythonna will pay him back by healing him of his injuries.

Daron meets with Kol-Da, the Saggitari soldier in prison for killing a “rankless” man back in episode 1×03. She asks Daron why she is still in prison, to which he says its just a procedural delay. Kol-Da has been testifying in part for Daron, whom she’s been having an affair with as they kiss at the end of the scene.

Jayna is having another flashback, this time to her Trial on Ice. Both her and brother set out on the quest, to travel to the stone of the greatest warrior in Krypton. By the time they get there however, they are almost out of oxygen but there is only one tank between the both of them to get them back. Jayna argues they should share the respirator to which the brother says the test is for them to decide. The brother than kicks Jayna to the ground before she gets back up and knocks down her brother and takes the oxygen for herself, leaving her brother to die alone in the cold.

In the present, Nyssa is asking Jayna to make a decision to join her side. Nyssa accuses Jayna of blindly following the Voice of Rao, and tells her to join her father who’s actively trying to help Kandor become a better place. Jayna tells Nyssa not to talk about leading, because she has her never lead anything in her life.

At the compound, Ryker (the girl Seg saved) is helping him with his nasty cut. Seg overhears the people of the compound talking about him and asks her what they are saying. The people of the compound don’t trust anyone with the El name because someone caused mass destruction there before. Ryker also says that if she would have known he was an El she wouldn’t have brought him there in the first place. However, Seg does get the woman to lend him a respirator and directions to leave.

At Lyta’s execution, Nyssa tells Jayna right before that its not too late to stop this from happening. Jayna has yet another flashback as her father hands down an indestructible amulet that was given to him by his father as she is inducted into the House of Zod. Before Lyta is executed, Daron stops to inform everyone that the witness recanted her testimony, and Lyta is now free.

Jayna and Lyta talk. Jayna tells Lyta she’s always been her greatest love but now she’s her greatest shame, as Jayna had something to do with Lyta being freed. Meanwhile, Kol-Da is killed in her prison. Daron makes it look like Kol-Da killed herself and hopes the Voice of Rao will be pleased with this.

While Seg is walking through the storm, he takes out his comm’s and tries to get through to Adam which he successfully does. In the few seconds he’s connected, he lets Adam know he’s in the Outlands.

Lyta is talking to Nyssa and she knows there is something going on between her and her mother Jayna. Meanwhile, Adam drops by to give Lyta a hard drive containing a message Seg recorded before her execution as a goodbye. He tells her he loves her.

Lyta puts together a team of Saggitari along with Adam to go search for Adam. As Seg is passed out in the snow, a space ship approaches, however its not Lyta and her team, its the Commander that’s been searching for him. Lyta gets there but they are too late.

The Commander asks where the girl (Ryker) is, as she is the key to stopping Braniac. Lyta’s crew and Adam however come at the perfect time and free him from the Commander. As Lyta is walking around the compound she comes across the Commander and they fight. Eventually Lyta puts the Commander on the ground and he notices Lyta’s amulet (given to her by her mother). The Commander then pulls out the same amulet, and tells her….Lyta gave it to him in the future and that he’s her son. The End.



Krypton made excellent use of their flashbacks this week, as they used Jayna’s training and subsequent killing (more like leaving him left for dead) of her own brother to flesh out who the Zod’s are and why she has been so hard on Lyta. While the House of Zod are traditionally brutal, honest, and cold, Jayna’s decision to save Lyta isn’t completely out of left field anymore, because the pain she feels for leaving her brother to die in the cold still haunts her and there must be an ounce of humanity left of her to save her daughter Lyta. While Jayna blames Lyta for making her side with the Vex’s, the truth of the matter is that this is her own doing, whether she likes it or not.

Another twist. Krypton doesn’t care if you don’t like twists, because there is going to be at-least one every week, so get used to it. So who is this mysterious man Colin Salmon has been playing? This week we get more answers as the man known as the Commander is said to be the son of Lyta Zod and I’m almost 100% sure that means he is General Zod. While I was definitely expecting General Zod to be a big part of Krypton down the road, Krypton is going all in by bringing him in in episode 5.


I want to root for Seg but I’m just not really concerned about him so far. Whether its the forced triangle between him, Nyssa and Lyta, I just don’t see all the hype over the man who is Superman’s grandfather. While I hope he progresses over the next half of the season, the show hasn’t given me many reasons to think Seg is supposed to be this great hero. Most of the time he does something someone tells him not to do, he gets locked up, gets out of it, gets hurt and then gets himself right into another predicament. I hope they find better use for Seg and Adam too who hasn’t had much screen time over the last two episodes.

No Braniac again. All we keep hearing is Braniac is coming, Braniac is coming, Braniac is here, but nothing has really happened on Krypton yet, and only some of the major players really even know he’s out there. While it felt like they were building something great at the beginning of the season with Braniac, its a shame its taken him so long to get his plan going. If Braniac is supposed to be the big bad of the season (which he may or not be) its time they start showing us what Braniac is going to do, not just telling us.