With the fate of the world at stake, what’s the team to do beside dip their toes into some illegality and treasonous water? Their collective quick thinking yielded some profound and complicated ideas, but the setting was less than ideal. Breaking into a rich-people spa to gather the supplies needed to plug all those methane geysers at once? Alright. But when said spa is located on the mountainous border of Russia and Norway? Yikes, guys.

And just as anticipated, no part of the plan went off without a hitch. Supplies were brought together at the very last moment, armed guard chases ensued, and Happy mistakenly fired a missile at Norway while trying to pilot an advanced tech Russian helicopter. But, hey, she figured it out eventually.

Most importantly, Collins managed to escape with no trace.  After faking an ankle injury during the hustle and bustle during supply gathering, he convinced the team that his injuries were too severe for him to run with Cabe to put the finishing touch on their plan. Not wanting to leave Collins “writhing in pain” from the electric voltage running through his body if Cabe runs too far, Walter orders Cabe to cut Collins’s ankle bracelet off despite the laws that will be broken. Cabe does it, reluctantly, and by the time the world has been saved, Collins is long gone.

I have to say, this episode was incredibly frustrating to watch. I already felt that there was a bit much going on with such a wild scenario taking place right after the island abandonment, but this episode really sent everything over the top. Collins’s escape was inevitable, but the manner in which he managed it was not. After everything the team has gone through with Collins, no one pushed for him to stay electrically chained until the mission was resolved…I just don’t buy that, even in that situation, no one would express concern through wise-cracks or fear. Cabe was the only person who actually was concerned, but his anxiety stemmed from breaking federal law rather than falling into the trap set up by Collins. Among the brightest geniuses on Earth, Cabe stood out as the smartest individual in the episode this time.

Other small things just kept piling up, but the most notable was Happy’s lack of foresight. Piloting the Russian helicopter seemed like a great idea until she realized she had no idea how to read the controls or figure out which switch did what. Things have caught her by surprise in the past, but this seemed highly out of character for her. What’s more, this flub led to her “accidentally [make] Russia declare war on Norway”. It’s going to be a strong disappointment if that isn’t expanded on further down the line, but my gut is telling me we won’t hear much about it again.

Luckily, two goods things came out of this episode. Despite the effort Collins put in to splitting them up, Paige and Walter’s relationship persevered and their bond grew stronger. That final scene where they tried each other’s food? Pretty high up there on the list of cutest things I’ve ever seen. But the hug between Happy and Sly might top even that. Seeing all the support Sly got from his friends throughout the episode was heartwarming, but when Happy handed him that ring my heart nearly melted. I’m not sure Sly is ready to start dating again right now, but having the support of his friends is absolutely everything.

Photo Credit: CBS

Overall, I think Scorpion has officially overloaded itself with plot. Things are progressing too quickly and too much information has been stuffed into the first two episodes. But, that means that there is plenty of opportunity for expanding on plot points and character development! So, optimism is high, and I can’t wait to see where things are headed!