Anita Blake

Source: Marvel

Jason’s father is dying. He needs to go back home to say his goodbyes. Jason and his father have never had a good relationship and he desperately wants his father to say he is proud of him before he dies. Anita agrees to go along with Jason to his home and be introduced as his girlfriend to try and get Jason the closure he desires. In doing this it brings up issues close to home for several of her men. Jean-Claude would love to bring her home to his family but all who knew him when he was “alive” are long dead and buried. Micah is estranged from his family and to bring home Anita but not Nathaniel seems unfair to Nathaniel but is not something Micah is entirely comfortable with. Then there is Richard. He desire above all is to have a normal life with a wife and kids and a white picket fence. He also really wants that with Anita no matter how contentious their relationship has been. Jealousy is an issue in this particular book, because Anita is allowing Jason to have that with her briefly even though it is a lie from the word go.

To make matters more interesting, because with Anita this can’t be the only problem going on in her life, she was given a charm in The Harlequin to help protect her from Mommy Dearest. For some reason either the charm failed or she overpowered it. Whatever the case, Marmee Noir was able to bypass it and amplify the tiger in Anita to call to all the unmated tigers in the U.S. to Anita and she and the tigers have an all-out orgy for two days before they come to their senses.

Anita again worries that she could be pregnant and wants to get the morning after pill. Two of the tigers, Crispin from Las Vegas who is a white tiger and Alex who is a red tiger try to stop her. They are willing to take her home and marry her and live happily ever after with her. That went over like a lead balloon. Jason steps in and says that the possible baby is his and this causes Crispin and Alex to let up and allow Anita to get the morning after pill. Why you ask? Jason is a werewolf. They don’t care about a werewolf baby.

Is Jason able to patch things up with his father before he dies? What happens with Crispin and Alex? Read the book and let me know your thoughts in the comments below. See you next week!