Bow and Dre have decided to separate and are now telling the kids what’s going on. All of the kids. They don’t really understand what is going on because their parents have been hiding the true nature of their relationship. And with Jr’s graduation coming up, they have something else to focus on. Which, in their case was living separately while still trying to be parents. So they decide to alternate days where each one takes turns staying in the house.

This works for awhile until Dre and Bow begin to notice changes in their children. Zoey is constantly fighting with her boyfriend, Jr is being the helpful and dutiful son, Jack is trying to laugh his way through the whole situation, and Diane is just watching the destruction as per Diane. But little by little the facade they are trying to hang onto begins to slip.

So, after deciding to give Jr a watch for his graduation present they are reminded of their love by a friend from the jewelry store and they decide to give it their best shot for everyone and themselves. At the graduation Jr gives a great speech, dedicated to his parents and they get a little closer and everything seems like it’s gonna end happily ever after.

That is until Dre finds out Bow went back to work 2 weeks earlier. Feeling all warm and fuzzy Dre pulls Bow to the side and asks her to stay the night so the kids can see them together in the morning. She tells him she can’t because she has to work very early in the morning. From what I gathered this scared him. She, to me take big things very lightly and then accuses Dre of overreacting. This time the veil slips, and in front of the whole family they begin to argue.

Most shocking of all is the emotion on the happy go lucky Jr. He gets extremely upset and realizes his parent’s have been pretending and lying to him. He tosses the watch outside thst they gave him because he feels that was a lie too. Diane is in tears and doesn’t quite understand what is going on. And the kids console each other. Ruby and Earl overhear the kids blaming themselves and immediately correct it. Kids are always collateral damage in a divorce.

While Ruby and Earl are talking to the kids, Dre and Bow are searching for the watch outside. They begin talking and decide that they need more than space and she agrees. Dre moves out of the house this time.