Image Source: Order of Odinists WordPress

Frigg, daughter of Fjorgyn Goddess of Earth and atmosphere, also known as Frigga and Fricka is the queen of the Norse Gods as Odin wife. She is also mother to Odin’s sons Balder and Hodr but not to Thor as commonly misrepresented in movies such as Thor. She is a fertility Goddess and Goddess of the fates. She will “tell you no fortune yet well she knows the fates”.

When Balder dreamt of his own death he told his mother about it. Being a Mom she did her best to keep her son from harm. She gained the promise from every creature and plant that they would not harm Balder, except mistletoe. Loki being the ass he is, got Hodr to throw mistletoe at his brother. The mistletoe torn through Balder and killed him. Frigg tried to get Balder returned to the land of the living. Unfortunately she was unsuccessful. All the Gods except Loki mourned for Balder, because Loki refused Frigg’s beseeching was denied.

Many attributes attributed to Frigg are also said to belong to Freya. Like Freya, Frigg is said to be a practitioner of Norse magick, a volva. She specifically practices seidr. Seidr is a magick that deciphers destiny and altering its course by re-weaving part of its web. When Loki speaks poorly of Frigg, Freyja cautions him by pointing out Frigg has the power to alter destiny.

Today Frigg is merely a day of the week. Frigg’s day is Friday. She is remembered as Odin’s wife in some games and movies but even there she is often thought of as Freyja. She is a powerful Goddess in her own right. Respect her as such.