If you missed my review of A Court Of Thorns And Roses, you can find it here.

Hi everyone. I’m back with another book review. Today we are back to the A Court Of Thorns And Roses series with A Court Of Wings And Fury. Before we get into it, I want to say, like last time, I spend most of the book frustrated. This is a frustrating series, truth be told, but I love it.

Feyre was quite broken from her time under the mountain, with good reason. She wasn’t eating and so losing weight, she wasn’t sleeping from nightmares, she was having panic attacks, flashbacks, all of it. Feyre tried to get Tamlin to let her off the manor property to help the village, and he continued to say no. No leisurely horse rides, no hunting, or anything like that either. Tamlin wanted to keep her safe and out of harm’s way. He neglected her too. They made love, and he slept with her, but she was no longer told about the happenings in the court and people or spent time with her in any other meaningful way. Feyre continued to explain it away and not allow making her needs heard.

The wedding for Feyre and Tamlin was moving forward. Ianthe made a lot of the decisions for the wedding because Feyre didn’t care. She felt so much guilt and every inch of the imposter. Everyone called her a savior, and it made Feyre feel awful and as though she doesn’t deserve Tamlin.

I was, and am, so mad at Tamlin. He was either sleeping through or flat-out ignoring Feyre’s nightmares and vomiting, not noticing how Feyre is changing physically from lack of sleep and food. She begs him to let her do things, and he just wants her to be a trophy wife and to be safe from hard. In the last book, I thought that Tamlin was her Mate, but at the beginning of this book, I wasn’t so sure. Who ignores someone they love when they are suffering like Feyre? She tried to be there for Tamlin, but he shut her out.

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I was also wondering where Rhys was. The bargain Feyre made with Rhys required her to spend one week per month with him. However, he left her alone for three months. It was only when she was having an absolute panic attack walking down the aisle of her wedding that Rhys came and claimed his week. I was both happy for Feyre and irritated with Rhys. He should have come sooner. When she got to his court, all h asked of her was to learn to read and write, and then he left her alone except for a note in the mornings giving her the assignment for the day. He also pointed out she might have power from the High Lords. He brought her in rather than keep her out.

Rhys rescues Feyre again when she has a worse panic attack than her wedding when Tamlin locks her in the manor. Rhys could feel all this through the mark he gave her. Feyre begged Tamlin for help, and he ignored her. I understand he was dealing with his own trauma, but come on. Rhysand saves her, not only from her wedding but also when Tamlin locks her in the house. She is brought to his court and offered a place to stay.

Because of Tamlin, Feyra was scared to see the Night Court lands and people. Rhys eased her into it. After staying in the mountain’s side, she traveled to Velaris, where Rhys’s home is. There she meets his inner circle, Amren, Cassian, and Azriel, Feyra had already met Mor. Rhys made Feyre his liaison to the human realm, as she was once human and still has human relatives. She must ask her sisters to open their home to the queens that Feyre and the inner circle must talk to, for both the queens and Feyre’s sisters to aid in this war.

Powers from the other High Lords started to manifest. She finds that war is coming, and the King wants to tear down the wall to the humans and enslave them. He has the cauldron, which is an ancient and powerful magickal tool. It has the ability to regrow a body from an eyeball and a finger or make a human into a fae. They gamble all to get a book that can nullify the cauldron, which is important and all, but most of the time, I just wanted Feyre and Rhysand to get together. There is an Illyrian custom that when a woman feeds a man, she wants to marry (well, the equivalent of marrying) the man. I love that Rhys ate every last drop of soup she made him.

This book is so very frustrating. The who damn thing. It is worth it, though, and I enthusiastically recommend it. I am so excited to read the next one, A Court Of Wings And Ruin. I could read it in a day if I was reading it by myself, but I am not. My sister and I have a little book club of our very own which is like two people strong. I will have it done in about a month or so. I will read another book to review for you in the meantime. Until next time, have fun storming the castle!