I did not read the book. I don’t feel like one can accurately observe a movie while the constant literary comparisons plays in the back of their mind.

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The previews were all Shailene Woodley movies with the exception of The Amazing Spiderman 2.

The beginning was strong with the bonus of plenty of vampire cliche jokes thrown around.

There was a lull an hour or so into the movie, I’m guessing this was made for the avid reader to get as much book related story line in as possible.

Ending wise, I figured at the beginning what was roughly going to happen, so there was a lack of surprise. Just another reason I didn’t read the book ahead of time.

Zoey Deutch was witty, charming and clever. Nothing but good things from this girl in the future.

Sarah Hyland has this big personality in a little body and unfortunately, she was very close to overshadowing her character.

Lucy Fry was either hot or cold for me, mostly she fell flat especially in comparison to Deutch. Their chemistry on screen was remarkable.

Overall, not a BAD movie. I give it 2.5 out of 4 fang marks.

Review written by Nicole Ashley