Episode 12 and 13 were aired on television as a two-part season finale. This review will cover both parts as a single viewing.

It’s finally here, the season finale. Does it deliver? Does it end on a high note?

The first half of the finale starts unexpectedly by showing us a bit about Dr. Champbell personal life. We get a great small moment between him and his ill brother. This may be the first attempt by the show to try to humanize the charter. We assumed Campbell to be this cruel cold villain but here we see a much different side of this character. I really didn’t see this coming but I enjoyed seeing an extra layer of this villain.

Throughout the season we saw the breakdown of  Andy and Lauren. The siblings both have different ideas of what it means to protect and help mutants. Laren has an ideology closer to that of Charles Xavier while Andy is much more like Magneto.  I had a strong feeling that Andy would slowly but surely turn into a villain. And this final supports that theory. Andy goes dark a couple of times in this finale and leaves to join the Hell Fire Club. I’m curious to see how this changes hid relations his family and the remaining members of the Mutant Underground.

I also thought the having the Human/Mutant relations summit was a great backdrop for the finale. It was a nice touch seeing political thriller element added to both parts. It brought a sense of realism while also making the conflict of humans and mutants relatable to our current political climate. It also gave us some great moments between Campbell and Senator Montez. It also allows a great heist segment of the Mutant Underground trying to kidnap Campbell. Seeing how clever and quick to use a small child in order to escape was my favorite moment of the final.

I couldn’t help but think the footage of the Strucker family trying to save gramma was just filler and really didn’t add much to the final. It seemed to just give us a reason to see Andy lash out and further drive the fact that Reed himself was once a mutant. I wish we were given a better and stronger subplot considering this being the final but I didn’t hate it.

Personally, I think the second half was much superior to the first half. The second half gave us three great moments that will most likely be explored in the next season. Andy and Laren teaming up to fight off the Sentinel Service and rough mutants which gave us an epic use of their powers. The second was seeing Polaris killing both Campbell and Montez with her powers.  I honestly didn’t think she was going to go through with it so its safe to say I was shocked seeing her kill them both. The third seeing how divided and broken up the Mutant Underground is left after members jumping ship to the Hell Fire Club. Ita going to be interesting to see how the remaining members will try to rebuild.

Overall I thought the finale was fine. Good but not great. The first half, while it had its moments really felt lackluster and had some pacing issues. The second half was much better and really made it as good as it was. The ending moments was well done and gave us some burning questions to think about until season 2.

The Gifted” will return next fall on Fox. Let us know your feelings on the season finale in the comments below and stay tuned to The Game of Nerds for all your “Gifted” News!