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Episode Synopsis:

Nick’s plan to propose to Jess is thrown off-course when they decide to get a dog, Winston sees color for the first time and Schmidt worries about Cece getting pregnant again.


Adding on to Winston’s colorblind story arc, Winston decides to participate in a study and gets the chance to try on special glasses, that allow him to see color for the first time. When he puts on the glasses, everything changes. He starts freaking out when he realizes that everything is a certain color and even hates looking a specific colors like blue. He also notices that his fashion sense is a little all over the place. This was kind of a random story arc to put in an episode, but at the same time, it kind of made sense. Ever since we found out that Winston was colorblind in Season 3, I didn’t think we’d return to that little bit of information about Winston ever again, but I guess the writers thought it could be flushed out in another episode. It was funny to see Winston’s reaction to color and it was interesting that he actually preferred to see Aly without his glasses on.

Sex date

Schmidt and Cece try to spice things up, by having a sex date, and of course things don’t go as planned. As soon as they get in their car to go to the hotel, Cece reveals that she’s ovulating and that she’s ready to have another baby. This instantly scares Schmidt off and we see later, that Cece acted crazy when she was pregnant. It was great that we got to see those flashbacks, and I would agree with Schmidt. Cece was out of control. I’m glad in the end, Schmidt finally confessed to Cece that he was worried about being around her if she got pregnant again, and thank god Aly recorded some of that craziness on her phone. In the end, I’m glad that they agreed to try for another baby again and hopefully things run smoother this time around.

The Proposal

We got to finally check off another milestone in Nick and Jess’s relationship. They finally got engaged! It was a super sweet engagement, but there were some things that I wish had changed. I thought the whole dog storyline was a little out-of-place, since nothing led us to the realization that Nick and Jess wanted a dog in the first place, but I guess I kind of warmed up to the idea, once I noticed that they truly were excited to have a dog. It’s just that Nick doesn’t seem like the type to want a dog. Secondly, I think the writers exhausted Dirty Dancing as a throwback. They already used it in last seasons finale, when Jess heard the famous song on the radio, so I didn’t think them kissing while the movie was playing in the background, was necessary. Also, having the kiss in slow motion, was a little cheesy. I think it would have been interesting if they had gone to Beso again and somehow, we would have figured out what was written on those valet cards they wrote on during their first date. That would have brought it full circle, because if somehow it tied in that Nick knew that it was a date back then, and would have said something to fact that during that first date, he knew that he wanted to marry her, that would have been awesome. Don’t get me wrong, this proposal was sweet, because I loved that Jess figured out that Nick was going to propose to her and her speech was so adorable.