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Episode synopsis:

“The pressure mounts for Oliver who begins to wonder if he will lose everything in his battle to save Star City. A familiar face returns.” – The CW

The episode opens in Kasnia. John Diggle is parachuting to the ground shooting soldiers left and right. In this situation here I like to call John a “parashooter.” Apparently, these theatrics are all just an elaborate rescue mission orchestrated by John. Whomever this guy is John says he needs his help in Star City.

Now tuning into Law & Order: Arrow DCCW

The prosecution is lead by a super badass lawyer, who always wins. She is willing to over Oliver and his lawyer a plea deal. If he accepts he’ll be charged manslaughter in the 1st degree with 15 years in prison as a minimum. That’s a no go of course.

At the trail everyone is there to support Oliver including the New Team Arrow, granted Rene and Dinah were both subpoenaed, they are there to support Oliver, they may not like him but they don’t want him in jail.

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The open statements begin and the prosecution is looking pretty good. Things aren’t looking great for Oliver. The first witness called to the stand is John Diggle. John is nowhere to be seen. If he isn’t there in an hour, he’ll be held in contempt. The prosecutions cycles through other witnesses and the consensus is that Oliver is not the Green Arrow. John shows up just in time, to state that Oliver isn’t the Green Arrow.

Diaz outside the courtroom is pulling strings. Laurel is to take the stand and out Oliver. She’s worried the courtroom could make her for not being the real Laurel. Diaz gets a little too physical and tells her to lie better on the stand. So, maybe Laurel really is afraid of Diaz, I know I would be.

Rene takes the stand and denies all the allegations against Oliver. That is until Diaz walks in the courtroom with Zoey in tow. Oliver gives Rene a nod of approval and he sings like a canary. Diaz is not messing around, things aren’t looking so good.

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Next up, Felicity gets torn apart on the stand. The Susan Williams’ photo from last season finds its way into the courtroom. If Ollie lied about those 5 years on Lian Yu, what’s to say he isn’t lying about being the Green Arrow.

The court is interrupted by the Green Arrow busting through the skylight. He reveals himself to be Tommy Merlyn as Oliver and myself share looks of disbelief. Merlyn confesses to all the Green Arrow’s crimes and is promptly arrested. The Green Arrow’s identity is certainly in question now more than ever but Ollie isn’t out of the frying pan yet, the jury will decide his fate.

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In police custody, Merlyn is intercepted by Wild Dog and Spartan before Diaz can get his hands on him. During the escape it is revealed that Merlyn is really Christopher Chance aka the Human Target aka the guy from last season good at disguising himself.

Things are finally looking up for Oliver, the jury has to be hella confused right now. Too bad Quentin tells Ollie that Diaz plans for Laurel to take the stands with Chance’s FBI file and basically bringing Ollie back to square one.

On the stand Laurel goes against Diaz and points the finger at Tommy. Quentin convinced her to do the right thing, maybe she isn’t so bad after all.

Now it is up to the jury. And they decide.


But Ollie’s lawyer calls for a judgement notwithstanding the verdict, which means the judge can overrule the verdict and he does, there is too much reasonable doubt to declare Ollie guilty.

Totally crazy turn of effects considering the judge was in Diaz’s pocket. Probably because he wasn’t the real judge, it was Chance again. This final save was all Rene’s plan.

Ollie goes to personal thank Rene and Rene apologizes to Ollie. Could Team Arrow rekindle their relationship?

Like you’d expect Diaz kills the real judge for going against him. Before Diaz can do the same to Laurel, she brings the fight to him. And she almost takes him down, almost.

It’s time for Plan B, kill Oliver and everyone he cares about.

Surprisingly for an episode very light on action, I was thoroughly entertained watching this. It absolutely felt like an episode of Law & Order. 

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