Source: FXX

Danger Island keeps true to its form with its second episode. While there are jokes aplenty, including a moment in jail that’s initially pure shock, the action moves the story along nicely. After a reflective solo aerial sojourn over the ocean, Archer decides he’s immortal.

As he runs through proof of his death-proof status, we learn he flew against the Nazis in the Spanish Civil War, hence the missing eye. Punching Nazis is always a good call, and hopefully, Archer won’t leave us hanging. It’s a low-hanging fruit and knowing Reed’s writing, almost sure to crop up later.

Satisfied with his immortality, Archer wheels Lucy Goosey around to land where no one has landed before. Meanwhile, Pam and Co have an adventure in the jungle with plenty of verbal sparring and humor. Crackers (Lucky Yates) again has some incredible lines and moments. Most of the characters are still true to their basic traits, but with the exception of Yates, they’re all playing more buttoned-down versions.

Additionally, these “new” characters don’t have the same history together as co-workers would, so the dialogue, at least for now, tiptoes around many opportunities for the sharp takedowns the show is known for.

There’s sure to be plenty of that in the future, as Cheryl gets pressed into service for Mallory as a courtesan. We also find out part of why the setting of Danger Island is so dangerous and why the behavior of a mathematically-challenged Archer is tolerated on an otherwise placid Pacific Island in a great rescue scene.

Fans are sure to be looking forward to the cannibals that have been heavily teased in the dialogue thus far, as it’s sure to include a member of the secondary cast. Barry as a cannibal?

Danger Island is proving to be an exciting adventure yarn, and after the exposition of the first two episodes, sure to develop more of the self-referential humor the show is known for. The raunch factor has also been sufficiently raised by Cheryl and Pam, and that prison scene has the extra seconds to make the joke more than slightly haunting. The episode doesn’t end with much of a cliffhanger so it will be interesting to see what comes next week.



What was your favorite joke or scene this week? What do you think of the “new” characters?