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Pokemon (Gen 1 & 2) Edition

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I was 9 years old when the original Red and Blue Pokemon games were released. At the time I had my Gamboy and a handful of games, but I can 100% attribute my love for video games to the Pokemon series. 20+ years later and I own at least 1 game from each generation and base my purchases of new Nintendo systems primarily on new Pokemon games being released.

When the game was first released in 1996 we had a total of 151 Pokemon to capture and train. Now, over 20 years later and 7 generations of Pokemon later, we have a whooping 807. But the insanity doesn’t stop there. A television series version of the games now is 21 seasons strong with most seasons having 50+ episodes. On top of that add an additional 21 movies and 4 special episodes. There is also the Pokemon Trading Card Game (and even a Gameboy game of the TCG), Pokemon Colosseum games, phone games, mini games, Pokemon themed board games (Pokemon Monopoly for example), collectible figures, comics, and more.

Based on just the sheer number of individual Pokemon, for this weeks feature I’m going to focus on the first 2 generations of the series. In the future we will travel to other parts of the Pokemon world and explore more fan art from this long running fandom.

1. Pokemon by Noneness

Pokemon by NoneNess

2. Pokemon by Cloverworkshop

Pokemon by cloverworkshop

3. Pokemon by Akirakirai

POKEMON :D by akirakirai

4. Pokemon Grill by AlbertoV

Pokemon Grill by AlbertoV

5. Typhlosion by Arvalis

( This artist has a gallery is full of these realistic interpretations of pokemon. HIghly recommend checking it out! )

-Typhlosion- by arvalis

6. Vagus Croconaw by Haychel

Vagus Croconaw by Haychel

7. Landed a Pokemon by Kiru75

Landed a Pokemon! by KIRU75

8. Memories of Kanto by Tiffany-Tees

Memories of Kanto by Tiffany-Tees

9. Pikachu by 14-bis

Pikachu by 14-bis

10.  Pokemon: The first pokemon battle by Sa-Dui

Pokemon : The first Pokemon battle by Sa-Dui

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