The penultimate episode of Mr. Robot’s season 2 was one of the strangest episodes of television I’ve ever seen. It reminded me of the time my now husband, then boyfriend, took me to the Twin Peaks Festival in Seattle, Washington. As I sat watching the Cooper’s Dream episode, I was confused and a bit queasy, questioning all of my life choices (don’t worry, I still married him, we raise an adorable tabby cat together.) This episode left me with the same confused, queasy feeling as I watched Angela sit in a dark room being interrogated by a child at the direction of Whiterose. In fact, the entire episode felt like a dream, and the answers that I’ve been needing were seriously lacking.

So, as we head into the finale, where do each of our characters stand?

Elliot – This episode, Elliot was mostly absent. At the end, he had, what I assume was an out of body experience as he watched Mr. Robot continue his hunt for Tyrell. When the dissociative episode ends, Elliot finds himself in a cab in Chelsea where he is joined by none other than Tyrell. It’s the first we’ve seen of the character in anything other than a flashback sequence since season 1, but is it real? Which leads us to…

Tyrell – At the moment he’s alive, well and sitting in a cab in Chelsea with Elliot… Or is he? We know literally nothing about Tyrell’s whereabouts for the last 10 episodes. Is he really alive? If so, where has he been hiding? And if he’s dead, did Elliot really kill him? And why is Elliot imagining him in the cab?

Darlene – When last we saw Darlene, she and Cisco were sitting in a diner that was imminently attacked by members of the Dark Army. Did she survive? And if she did, will she continue to lead fsociety in the face of the FBI investigation?

Angela – Just as she was planning to turn herself in, she was kidnapped by White Rose associates and held captive at White Rose’s instruction. White Rose wants her to give up her plans to confess to the FBI hack.

So now I turn to you. We have one episode left. What are your burning questions? And can Sam Esmail possibly answer them all, or will we have to wait for Season 3?