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This post contains major spoilers for episode 1×06 of Krypton, “Civil Wars.”

We start off this week where we ended last week with the Commander of Black Zero informing Lyta that she is his mother. Adam then walks in and he knows exactly who that man is, it’s General Zod, he knows all about him from Earth.

The voice of Rao meets with Ona and asks her questions that show him if she’s worthy. Through this conversation with Ona he decides to go out into the streets and meet with more of the “rankless” in order to celebrate the end of the Nova Cycle.

Jayna, Nyssa and Daron gather discretely to talk about their plan to overthrow the voice of Rao, Jayna wants to bring Dev-Em into the plan.

Adam and General Zod argue. Adam believes General Zod is here to destroy Krypton with Braniac and General Zod tells everyone that he’s here to save Krypton. He also tells everyone that Krypton will explode in 200 years and that Braniac did not travel back in time to destroy Krypton, everything is going as it’s planned to. Eventually this puts Seg in a weird spot and he has to tie up both Adam and General Zod. Adam was quick to judge Zod because he knows about him being one of Superman’s greatest enemies, he apologizes for it. However, Zod knows much more about Braniac and knows of a secret weapon that might be able to take down Braniac.

Jayna brings Dev in to ask him if he would be in their little plan to overthrow the voice of Rao. Jayna is Dev’s biggest mentor and although this get’s to his core he decides to help them. They eventually free a bomb maker who works for Black Zero, he is going to bomb the Nova Cycle. When going through a check, one of the Saggitari a proud soldier notices the bomb maker but Nyssa tells him to let it go.

Seg, Lyta and Zod go to find the secret weapon, held by the Cythonites, they leave Adam behind.

The voice of Rao asks Ona why faith is important to her? Ona responds that faith means that everything has a purpose and the purpose is good, her purpose is to see her mom again. He calls her a little sundrop, which Ona’s mom used to call her. The voice of Rao explains that her mother’s template (soul) is inside of him and Ona could be reunited with her mother forever, he gives her the choice to. Ona thinks this is great but another one of Rao’s disciples, a girl, shrieks when Rao tells Ona this information. She knows something obviously.

In a meeting before the attack on the voice of Rao, Jayna and Daron argue changing responsibilities before the event, trying to silence Dev, and Jayna telling Daron he only thinks of himself. The proud soldier goes to Dev with the issue of the bomb maker. Dev tells him to stay out of it, its way above him. The soldier then goes to Jayna. Jayna thanks him for coming to her for this and calls him a fine officer before choking the man to death. Dev walks in right afterwards and see’s what Jayna did.

Seg, Lyta and Zod explore the Cynthonites facility while Zod tells Lyta how good it is to see his mom happy. Lyta also realizes that Zod obviously is not Seg’s offspring and has a conversation with him about still wanting a future. She also tells him that Seg is Zod’s father’s best friend. The Cynthonites then ambush the 3, but they quickly defeat them.

They eventually find a door which holds the secret weapon. Zod blows the door off to find another door with a familiar sign on it. They realize that the sign is half El and half Zod. Seg cuts himself and thinks the door would open but then they realize they need a Zod too, so Zod cuts himself but before he opens the door Adam comes in with the Cynthonites to stop Zod one last time. Zod drips the blood on the map and the door opens revealing a cryogenically frozen Doomsday. The Cythonites shut the door and they all fight. Again our crew wins. Adam gets everyone to agree to not use Doomsday and they head off. Seg is tired of Adam and wants him to go away.

Ona tells the voice of Rao that she doesn’t want to be reunited with her mother which surprises Rao. Dev walks in to escort Rao to the celebration but Rao decides he wants to do it even bigger, he wants it filled with “rankless” of all ages. This throws off the whole plan that Daron and them came up with. Jayna, Daron and Nyssa decide to go on with the plan although there will be many casualties. During the ceremony Dev makes an unexpected maneuver and yells BOMB!! causing everyone to scramble. The voice of Rao goes back to his quarters where the ambush is waiting for him, its Dev, Jayna and a small group of Saggitari. The voice of Rao takes off his mask to show everyone who they are dealing with. It’s revealed that Rao is Braniac and Braniac uses his powers to plug into everyone’s minds. End.



Krypton is finally starting to find it’s groove starting with episode 6. Now, with most of the plotting and building out of the way, Krypton can finally start taking us where it needs to go until the finale.

Doomsday! While we didn’t get to see the monster in action, we got a glimpse of the killing machine. It was an awesome nod to Superman fans, and hopefully we’ll get to see him thawed out soon and in action.

Braniac. Another twist at the end revealed that the Voice of Rao is Braniac. Sorry Saggitari.


Adam’s fact-checking. Adam is supposed to be a time-traveling hero from Earth here to save Superman but all he’s done is get in the way and make assumptions that have pushed his friends away. While Zod and Superman do have quite the history on Earth and i’m sure Zod is more bad then good, there are so many better ways Adam could have used this information to not isolate himself from the team. It comes off as unnecessary but hopefully Adam will make up for his assumptions, at-least he apologized and owned up to it.