Netflix Orginal

Starring: Glen Close, Willem Dafoe, and Noomi Rapace



Source: Netflix

In the future, the world has become overpopulated. So, now there is a one child per family law. To rectify the nation’s food shortage, the government has genetically altered food, which solved the food shortage problem. But much to the horror of the government it also spiked and increase in multiple births. The solution is feeding the problem. Now, families with multiple siblings are being rounded up and carted away. The kids are then being frozen and preserved to be released as soon as earth’s conditions are improved. What they like to call the child allocation act.

One man, Terrance Settman (Willem Dafoe), has a daughter who was kinda out there and she had died in childbirth. She left behind seven identical baby girls. He takes the girls home, naming them for the seven days in the week. He raises them and creates a home for them, hiding them and teaching them to be one person, in a one-child land. They each are allowed to go out on their prospective days but he tries explains to them why they can’t play together outside or let them know that they are a sibling because they would be taken away and frozen.

With seven different personalities, there is no way that this could go wrong. So, trying to do the right thing he enrolls them into school under the name Karen Settman (Noomi Rapace), and Monday sets off for her first day of school, recording everything for her sisters. At the end of the day, they watch to understand and learn everything that happens to help to seems like one. Everything is going somewhat smoothly until Thursday decides to sneak out to go skateboarding and gets her fingertip torn off. And so because they are all posing to be one person, they have to be identical in every way. So, what happens to one of them, happens to all of them. Monday has to set the example and each of their fingertips are removed. And resentment sets in.

For the next 30 years, the girls live like this, each taking their turn in the world on their perspective days pretending to be one Karen Settman. Until Monday disappears. The six sisters are frantic and unsure about what to do. They don’t know if she was taken or if she just didn’t come home. They decide to ping her bracelet and she is not showing up on the grid. Now, even more so worried because Monday has never been late for an end of day meeting. Unsure of what to do, they decide to act like everything is normal, and send Tuesday out on her regular day. While out, she does a little research. She finds out Monday left work early to celebrate and heads to Harry’s to do a bit more digging. Finding out that a co-worker, Jerry, could be behind everything. Especially since they beat him out of a promotion. But Tuesday is caught, by the CABINET and the rest of the sisters lose sight of her.

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At the CAB, Tuesday comes into contact with Nicolette Cayman (Glen Close), founder of the one child law and head of CAB (Child Allocation Bureau). She learns that they about all 7 of them and rhea are coming to take them out. The remaining sisters are starting to freak out and now the CAB is coming for them. During the altercation, Sunday is killed. So, now all that’s left is Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Not sure which way to turn next, a clue knocks on their door. A CAB guard who, as it turns out has been dating Monday, unbeknownst to her sisters.

Things begin to come together as their investigation continues into the disappearance of Monday. Wednesday is out investigating creepy coworker Jerry and Saturday are taking care of the CAB guard and finds out he’s been sleeping with Monday. More information about Monday comes to light and has them in shock but with only 3 of them left can they find Monday. The CAB is on their back and out to kill, time is running out, can the 3 sisters find out what happened to Monday? One thing is for sure all they knew about their sister is starting to unravel and it is not looking good.

Very good movie would have actually paid to watch this in the theater. A hidden gem. I won’t tell you how it ends but I do hope I have intrigued you just a bit. It ends great too, not at all what you expect either……….Enjoy!