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This post contains major spoilers for episode 1×04 of Krypton, “The Word of Rao.”

This episode starts as The Voice of Rao readies himself and decides to move up the Nova Cycle Celebration, a day of rebirth for the rankless, to today. The Voice of Rao casts a light among the rankless and heads down to walk with them.

Meanwhile, leading members of Black Zero pose as Saggitari in order to get access to the communication hub (Braniac/Rohm) used in last weeks episode.

At the fortress, Val tells Adam and Seg that Rohm only has a couple hours to live. Seg and Adam head to Kem’s bar to inform Rohm’s daughter Ona about her mothers current state. As Seg and Adam walk into Kem’s bar, they realize they are being watched.

At the Military Guild, Lyta Zod is forced to answer to Jayna and the guild for disobeying orders. Lyta is tired of hearing about lessons and tells Jayna that all she ever wanted was a mother. As Lyta is sent to speak to a higher authority she is met by Dev who claims he always stuck up for her.

During the Nova Cycle Celebration, the Voice of Rao is met with discontent from the rankless. The Voice of Rao leaves and says he won’t continue with it until someone answers for the militaries failure. He puts Daron in charge of finding someone of “high authority,” to take the fall. At the Military Guild, Lyta is answering for disobeying orders, when Daron storms in and arrests her for conspiring with Black Zero.

Back at Kem’s bar, Seg is talking to Ona before Kem interrupts Seg and tells him he needs to go because Lyta has just been arrested. Seg goes to the Military Guild and Jayna tells him to go away because she knows this is somehow all his fault and now there’s nothing she can do to get Lyta out of trouble, despite her ranking. Seg goes to Nyssa to tell her they need to save Lyta. Nyssa asks why Seg wants to save a Zod. Seg eventually tells Nyssa it’s because he loves Lyta. Nyssa suspected he has loved her but now that she knows he does, they can move on.

Seg heads back to Kem’s bar to talk to Adam. Seg’s plan to save Lyta involves breaking into Braniac/Rohm’s communication hub to clear her name. Adam tells him not to go but Seg punches him and leaves anyway. At the hub site, Seg is knocked unconscious by one of the members of Black Zero.

At the Military Guild, Jayna is telling Lyta to give up Seg and they will let her go but Lyta refuses. Nyssa walks in and tells Lyta she wants to hear Lyta’s side of the story because she’s her advocate in this matter. Nyssa tells Lyta that she wasn’t sent by her father but by Seg and that her and Seg have a kid. Nyssa also explains that she’s her best chance of getting out of this.

Seg is tied up by The Commander and tortured by a spider. The Commander wants to know about Braniac but Seg doesn’t make deals with terrorists. Eventually, Seg gives The Commander some information in order to break someone out of prison. The Commander tells Seg that history we’ll show that Seg made a great decision in helping him.

Kem finally tells Ona about her mother and that he’s going to make sure nothing bad happens to her ever. Ona asks Kem to take her to the Nova Cycle so she could do something special for her mother. At the Nova Cycle Celebration, Ona runs off and presents an effigy to The Voice of Rao. The Voice of Rao then makes Ona a servant of The Voice of Rao and gives her rank. Ona leads the people in prayer as the Nova Cycle begins.

Nyssa goes to speak with her dad about Lyta being innocent and that if Lyta is dead then they can’t take over the Voice of Rao by uniting all the houses. Daron’s hands are tied, however.

Adam heads to the Fortress and Rohm wakes up just enough to tell them to stop Ona, before Rohm dies.

As Seg is being transferred by a member of The Commander’s team, Seg distracts the guard by shocking her but eventually the member gets up and fights Seg. Seg eventually finds the spider on the ground and puts it in the guards mouth and gets away before The Commander can find him. Seg walks through the cold Outlands as his hand drips blood.

Nyssa speaks with Jayna and tells her about their families plan of overthrowing the Voice of Rao. Jayna asks her how she could speak of treason while her daughter is being arrested for treason.

Finally, The Voice of Rao is in his chamber when the effigy Ona gave him latches on to his arm, infecting him with the Braniac virus and turning him into Braniac. End.



Nyssa: Mostly sidelined over the last 2 episodes, Nyssa came back this week as a much stronger character. Now that we know the Vex’s plan on overthrowing the Voice of Rao and uniting all the families + Nyssa’s knowledge of Seg’s love of Lyta, Nyssa is now a character our heroes have to be really careful around.

Black Zero: We finally meet a few members of the terrorist group Black Zero. We meet the Commander (Colin Salmon) of Arrow fame, and we see the extreme measures they take in order to find information on Braniac. While Seg knew they were Black Zero, all the Commander could do was laugh (maybe he took it too far) at that accusation.

Doctor Strange: At one point in the fortress, Val call’s Adam, Mr. Strange. Adam then tells him that’s what people call his father and that they should call him Doctor Strange, before reiterating they should just call him Adam. While there are a few characters in DC Comics named Strange, this looks like it was a clear reference to the Marvel character.

The Twist at the End: While we did know actor Blake Ritson would be playing Braniac, what we didn’t know is that actually he would be playing a number of villains on the show. As the Voice of Rao went back to his quarters, the effigy Ona gave to him stabs him in the arm making him turn into Braniac. Now with Braniac in charge of religion on Kandor, the stakes are only getting higher.


Adam: While Adam didn’t have much to do in this episode except make Marvel and Star Wars jokes and get punched out by Seg, Adam has yet to be affected by anything happening in or around Kandor. Hopefully a little backstory will help us learn more about Adam and make us care about the character.

No Braniac Again: While the threat of Braniac has been looming since the pilot, “The Voice of Rao” set up another incarnation of Braniac. While we just have gotten glimpses of the villain and a few lines of a dialog, we have really yet to see the full scale of what he looks like. Like in the past 3 episodes, all we got were a couple measly seconds of what Braniac looks like, that’s it. Its a shame we haven’t gotten to see more of Braniac, especially because he looks awesome. A hero is only as strong as its greatest villain, so lets hope episode 5 can give us way more on the villain front.

The Word of Rao: Religion plays a big part in Kandor and while many DC fans understand the true workings of the religion, it may be hard for new fans of the show to really grasp what’s going on with the Word of Rao. While the “Voice of Rao” was an ambitious episode, I think fans could have benefited from more exposition earlier in this episode and the last.