NO MORE FLASHBACKS! Arrow Kapiushon was to flashback heavy or it would have been a grand slam. Photo Credit: Arrow/CW

Adrian Chase owns Oliver Queen in more ways than one. Adrian is torturing Oliver and asks him to confess to something. Oliver is adamant he has no idea what Adrian is talking about! Adrian acts surprised that Oliver acts like he doesn’t know.

We had a lot of backstory with Bratva, and showing Oliver’s ascension up the ladder, to eventually to a Captain. I have said, and will continue to say I am not a fan with all of the flashbacks. I think it’s intended to push the stories further, but I think it, like the flashbacks themselves pulls the show back.

Adrian goes back to Oliver and demands that he confesses his secret, Oliver says Adrian is a hypocrite for killing his own wife. Adrian lets Evelyn, who looks beat up and defeated, into the same room as Oliver. Adrian is challenging Oliver again and that if someone wants to be set free they have to kill the other one. Oliver says he won’t do that to Evelyn, but Evelyn finally says she can’t stay in this place one more day and picks up the knife and charges at Oliver. Oliver defends himself at knocks Evelyn and perhaps breaks her wrist?

Adrian comes back and is pissed off that one of them isn’t dead. He can’t believe it, so he goes and picks up Evelyn. He tells Oliver he wants to hear the big secret that he is afraid to tell his sister, Felicity, Diggle and the rest. Oliver continues to say he has no idea what he is talking about. Adrian says wrong answer and it looks and sounds like he snaps Evelyn’s neck!

Adrian thinks all the hood stuff is a cover, Oliver finally snaps after being pressed by Adrian and Oliver confesses he killed because he wanted to. He screams that he wanted to and he liked it, and Adrian finally smiles after hearing the confession. After getting the confession Evelyn reveals her neck didn’t snap. She says she knew he would break just like Adrian said he would.

Adrian kept his word from earlier that if Oliver confessed he would let him go. Oliver went to his headquarters a defeated man. He tells Felicity, Diggle and Curtis that after 6 days Adrian let him go. He says it is over for him, he doesn’t want to do this anymore and is going to shut this all down!