“Scorpion” fans are still holding their breaths for a fifth season of the show, and last week’s episode, “Kenny and the Jet,” gave us some insight on what we might see if a new season comes to fruition.

While coming back from Hawaii, the plane Paige, Ralph, Sly and Cabe were aboard malfunctioned because of a stowaway in the wheel compartment. Happy and Toby went through their own bickering episodes and Walter was more conflicted than ever about whether to tell Paige about his “white lie.” Walt came close to confessing when he realized Paige was in serious danger, but by the end of the episode he, once again, delayed the inevitable.

So, here’s what we can gather from the episode:

Happy and Toby will most likely continue to have pregnancy struggles. They talked about Happy’s impulsive and dangerous behavior since finding out she isn’t pregnant, and it seems that she’s trying to distract herself from that heartbreak. I’m guessing that if she doesn’t get a positive test during the finale, her pregnancy will be put off until the middle of season five – if she gets pregnant at all.

Sly has a good chance at going on a date with Florence. Throughout last week’s episode, Sly was hyper-fixated on the odds of each situation he found himself in, including his odds of finding another woman who will love and accept him the way Megan did. But after beating astronomical odds during that disastrous flight, Cabe finally convinced Sly that it’s possible for him to find that woman. My guess is that Sly will ask Flo on a date in the finale and, if she says yes, we’ll see more of their relationship in the next season.

Little Ralph is growing up way too quickly. Paige was forced to come to the realization that she had to let him fight some of his own battles, including those on the romantic front. Patty let him down easy, but Ralph was still pretty heartbroken – first love is hard! But now that he’s on the path to recovering from this failed romance, he can move on. He’s already enrolled in college courses, so I don’t think it’s a farfetched idea to see him enrolled fulltime any time soon, but I also wouldn’t put it past him to tough it out through high school. He may be a genius, but he’s also going through puberty and may find solace in being around kids his own age during that time. Plus, he has a better chance at finding a romantic partner in a group of kids his own age! I personally think Ralph will choose to stay where he’s at and continue to help out Team Scorpion, but only time will tell.

Walter and Paige are destined to get into a fight. Knowing their characters, it will blow over rather quickly, but the longer Walt puts it off the longer it’s going to drag out. Paige has caught on and knows that he’s lying about something now, but she still doesn’t know what. I think she’s going to find it endearing that he was trying so hard to keep from hurting her, but she’s also going to feel betrayed because Walter snuck around behind her back. With the way the show tends to be written, Walter’s confession is either going to happen at the beginning of the finale episode or will be put off until the last second and left to carry over into season five. Either way, it’s going to put a huge strain on the Waige relationship and we’re all going to cry.

Buckle up fans, because the season four finale of “Scorpion” airs tonight and it looks like Walter and Happy are in an explosive situation! Tune into CBS at 10/9c and hit me up on Twitter to give me your thoughts on the episode!