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The Internet is a huge fan of end of year countdowns & who wouldn’t be? We get to relive some of our favourite moments (and conveniently ignore the angsty ones.) Let’s look back at the best moments of The Mindy Project season 4A in no particular order (with the help of some Twitter friends that I enlisted when I ran out of ideas, thanks Lauren & Bridgette!)


  1. Mindy & Danny get engaged
  2. The flashback elevator meetcute
  3. Meeting Mindy’s parents
  4. Morgan’s wound
  5. Leo being born, but mostly because of that amazing moment between M&D on the subway!
  6. Mindy being a great mom and amazing doctor, focusing on the Lahiri fertility clinic and even partnering with Jody
  7. Using Sam Smith music to make our heart soar and then break
  8. Fortune Feimster being amazing
  9. Mindy having a female friend even if it was for one day
  10. Mindy doing an Indian and British accents
  11. Danny smirking and throwing the pretzel out the window
  12. Leo’s presence I guess idk ew
  13. The cold open in 4×12 where all the sex was had 😉