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The Last Man on Earth 4×14: “Special Delivery” Review

Todd and Melissa are overly nice to Erica, asking if she’s comfortable, offering water, socks, etc. Erica says she’s fine and just wants to get down to business. They agree on treating impregnating Erica as a business transaction rather than anything physical. (Remember the mess of Mike trying to be a ‘sperm donor’ for Tandy and Carol?) Todd explains what’s going to happen, but in ‘business terms,’ such as ‘my company is going to deliver as much product as possible to (Erica’s) loading zone,’ which just makes it even more uncomfortable.

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Todd walks around in a kilt as a way to help himself be more fertile. Tandy escorts Todd to the masturbatorium he and Carol made for Todd. Instead of women drawings, like Tandy had, Carol has provided Todd’s with drawing of inspirational men, in hopes that this will help him generate a son, since all of the babies thus far have been girls.

todd's mbt
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Melissa walks into Erica’s room in a great, super friendly mood. She says she feels so close to Erica right now, and wants to do girly stuff with her. She also mentions that Erica puts her in such a silly mood that it makes her want to wear a giant tie. In general, Melissa is kind of being a weirdo. Erica says she just wants to stay where she is and fold clothes.

mel erica frandship
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Gail and Carol do inventory of the canned foods in the house. They’re out of green beans and on their last can on chili. Gail is excited for the can of chili, but Carol notices a gas bulge and doesn’t think it’s a good idea for Gail to eat it. Gail opens it and it immediately explodes into Carol, covering her in meat and beans.

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Our mystery guest passes a sign for Zihuatanejo.

zihuat sign
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Once Todd is done ‘delivering his product’ (bleh), Tandy takes the bag (BLEH) and runs it across the mansion to Erica. Gail intercepts it and takes it to her wife.

bag of bleh
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Carol backs a truck into an orange tree to knock some of the fruit down. She notices something by one of the trees and walks over to it.

orange tree
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Erica walks into the dining room and Todd stands up, offering Erica his seat. Erica says she’s fine and sits in an empty seat. Melissa is wearing the giant tie she mentioned earlier, and points it out to Erica.

giant tie
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Todd asks how she think it went, but it’s too early to tell. Erica becomes agitated with the way everyone is acting. Erica pours herself a glass of wine and Todd clearly feels weird about it. He points out that he is drinking water, in hopes that she’ll switch to water, too. Instead, Erica simply says, “Good for you.” Melissa announces that she wrote a poem entitled “Girlfriends” for Erica.

erica wine
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Once Melissa’s weird poem is over, Carol runs in announcing that they have company. She drops a paper bag on the table, and Tandy opens it. Carol describes it as a fresh bowel movement. Gail thinks it’s probably Tandy’s, but says he can’t take credit for this one. The next suspect is Jasper, who is still living on his own.

poo bag
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Todd goes through Erica’s box of tampons to see if Erica’s pregnant or not. Erica catches him and is annoyed. She says she’s taking a pregnancy test today, and she’ll let him know when she knows.

todd snoops tampons
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Carol isn’t convinced that it was Jasper and sets up a series of wind-chimes to alert them if a stranger wanders into the mansion.

Erica delivers the news that she’s not pregnant, and Todd lets his frustrations with her out. She’s been drinking wine and coffee, and she hasn’t used the meditation stones he gave her. She asks him to stop acting like a crazy person, and he asks her to stop acting like she wants to have a baby with him when it’s apparent that she doesn’t. With the way he’s acting, Erica is considering not having a baby with him at all.

Melissa checks on Erica after hearing that she isn’t pregnant. She apologizes to Erica for being weird. She says she hasn’t had many girl friends in her life. She makes sure that Erica knows that no matter what happens, she’s so thankful for Erica even trying this first time.

mel apologizes
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Tandy puts a taxidermy dog head on a robot so they can pretend they have a dog. Todd tells Tandy the news, and Tandy makes the robot dog comfort Todd. Todd says Erica doesn’t know if she wants to go through with their deal after the way Todd acted. Tandy promises that he will never have a baby with Erica, so Todd is her only choice if she wants another baby.

robo dog
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The mystery man’s truck approaches an un-phased Jasper who never really learned about Stranger Danger.

During the night, Carol wakes up from the wind-chimes. Tandy goes downstairs to check, but doesn’t find anything. In the morning, Tandy wakes up and walks to the bathroom. He starts brushing his teeth, and when he looks up into the mirror, he freezes. He turns toward the camera, and we see HIS HALF SHAVED FACE AND HEAD. YOU GUYS, IT’S FRIGGING MIKE. MIKE IS BACK. I’M SO EXCITED I COULD CRY.

friggin mike
Image Source: The Last Man on Earth on FOX

Only four episodes left of the season! I, personally, cannot wait to see what’s in store! Catch it Sundays on FOX!

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