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9-1-1: “Merry X-Mas” Review

'Tis the season to be jolly...and wary on #911onFOX.
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In the mid-season finale of “9-1-1,” two of the team make a life-changing decision, two others move closer together and one’s past makes an unwelcome appearance.

‘Tis the season to be jolly and apparently, Buck has it in spades. The youngest member of the 118 encourages Chimney to get into the spirit of the season because Maddie is a huge Christmas fan. During a trip to the tree lot, Chim spends an inordinate amount of time picking out the perfect tree for Maddie and gets help from a friendly stranger named James. Thinking it’s a Christmas miracle, Chim presents the tree to Maddie who has…not the response he expected. After Maddie refuses the tree-while yelling at Buck-Chim heads out, taking his tree with him (and leaves it on the sidewalk, good job Chimney).

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As for our favorite couple, Athena drops a bombshell on Bobby by asking him to move in with her. The best way to describe his reaction is to say it looked like she broke his brain. After not speaking for a couple of days due to work and kind of in purpose-Bobby has a heartfelt talk with Hen. She sets him on the right path; while telling Athena how much she means to him, Bobby gives her a beautiful, sterling key…and when she looks up, he holds out a GIGANTIC diamond. Explaining that he doesn’t want to waste a minute, Bobby asks her to marry him and Athena happily accepts. Score one for the happy couple.

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And while Chim and Maddie strike a fine balance between celebrating Christmas day (and getting to know each other), a flashback shows what we all already could guess: tree lot helper “Jason” was actually Maddie’s abusive, violent ex-husband, Doug. As the camera pans back, we see stalker Doug creepily staring at Maddie’s apartment. “You better watch out” has never been more prescient.

9-1-1 returns with new episodes March 18, 2019. Catch up on seasons one and two on Hulu.

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