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Fresh Off the Boat “Four Funerals and a Wedding” Review– Meeting Jessica’s Father!

This episode revolves around Jessica’s extended family dynamic, which always makes for a high quality fresh off the boat (shoutout to her sister, Connie!), which is always a treat. Unfortunately, the episode kicks off with a funeral (a great aunt, who lived a good, long life), but we see the whole family unite for one of the first together moments of the season, fitting for one of the most heart touching episodes. 

Fresh Off the Boat – ABC

Jessica and Louis end up having to travel back to Houston for the titular other three funerals (and wedding), but the boys stay home with Grandma Huang and have a unified storyline revolving around Emery’s bad luck, and Evan beung focused on updating his will to the point his neighbourhood lady friends thought he was dying and sent him a flood of casseroles (don’t worry he’s not dying, and tells everyone at the end of the episode, but it was a greay running gag for the episode).

Fresh Off the Boat – ABC

Its heart warming (without the writing feeling forced in some episodes) watching Louis deal with his daddy issues and projecting them onto Jessica, by trying to force her to connect with her ever-distant, diplomat father. Things go too far when he tells her that her father is dying, but the truth comes out quickly when they don’t quite connect how Loyis hopes and he shouts his truth at the wedding. They seem to finish the epispode stronger for it all.

The funniest moment is hands down Emery and Grandma Huang at the funeral and she tells him it is common practice to spit put bad luck into the casket of a funeral and let the deceased take it to the afterlife. After a little convincing, our typically pure Emery spits into the casket as Grandma Huang looks mortifued while trying to hand him a hankey to spit into. We died.

Fresh Off the Boat – ABC

Older brother even steps up and silently replaces a tie his brother lost, and even after a small spat, Eddie tells his brother a lot of his “bad luck” is just puberty and not just a bad luck year, and it will suck for a while, but they have eachother to get through, and it solidly made this episode into one of the best of the season.

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