Here are the moments you won’t want to miss in A Series of Unfortunate Events: Season 2, Episode 3 (The Ersatz Elevator, part 1).

The Baudelaire’s are taken to their new home, 667 Dark Ave.


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The children meet their new caretakers, Esme and Jerome Squalor, though their names don’t seem quite fitting. Esme is the “6th most important financial advisor” in the city and Jerome used to know the Baudelaire parents. You can tell who wears the pin-stripe pants in this relationship.

The children see Olaf for the first time since he took the Quagmires

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The Baudelaire’s catch Count Olaf hiding in the Squalor’s penthouse. He is disguised as Gunther, a foreign auctioneer who is there to help Esme with a huge auction she is holding to raise money for none other than herself…

Esme makes the children change into suites because it’s “IN”


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Esme is clearly obsessed with what is “IN”. She will only eat food, lives in places and wear clothing that the Daily Punctillio have said are the new IN thing to do, no matter how ridiculous they may seem. That’s why she only drinks Aqueos Martinis. Martinis made with water and an olive instead of alcohol.

Olivia the librarian joins Jacques Snicket and the V.F.D.

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Olivia the librarian takes a leave of absence from Prufrock Prep to investigate the V.F.D. and what is happening to the orphans. After an unsuccessful meeting with Mr. Poe, his secretary Jacquelyn calls Jacques to make Olivia a part of the V.F.D. Olivia and Jacques search the Squalor’s penthouse for the Quagmires, but don’t see any sign of them.

The Squalors take the children and Gunther to somewhere “Fishy”

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When Esme hears that Cafe Salmonella is IN, she takes the group to the restaurant for lunch. The fact that everything is Salmon flavored (even the water) is not the only thing “fishy” about the place. Larry the waiter makes another appearance to stall Olaf and Esme while Jacques and Olivia search the penthouse.

Klaus realizes the Quagmires are in the elevator at the penthouse

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After speaking to Poe’s wife, Klaus realizes Duncan and Isadora might be in the bottom of the penthouses closed elevator shaft. The Baudelaire’s hide under a salmon statue, so when Esme hears that Cafe Salmonella is OUT and Herring Houdini is IN, she herds everyone out and the children sneak off back to the penthouse. They build a balloon and float to the bottom of the shaft to discover the Quagmires are locked in a cage.

Olaf sings “Keep Chasing Your Schemes” in the Herring Houdini

Jacquelyn stalls Olaf in the Herring Houdini by asking him to sing a song for Secretary’s Day. He makes up excuses, but after everyone starts chanting, the actor can’t help but to perform for the crowd.

This episode leaves off with the Baudelaire’s at the bottom of the elevator shaft with the Quagmires. Do you think they will have time to rescue Duncan and Isadora before Olaf can return to the penthouse? Let me know what you think in the comments below!