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The Last Man on Earth 4×13: “Release the Hounds” Review

Todd, with Melissa’s support, tries to ask Erica if she’ll have his baby. Melissa doesn’t want to be a mom, and she sees this as a good compromise. His setup is long, awkward, and unclear. Melissa blurts out the question, “Do you wanna have a baby with Todd?” Erica is thrown, but asks for time to think about it.

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Carol is folding baby clothes when Tandy walks into the room with one of the twins. As he goes to get the baby ready for bed, Carol notices Tandy’s lower back hair glistening in the sunlight and gets turned on. As always, Carol/Tandy sensual scenes are extremely uncomfortable for the viewer. Tandy reminds Carol that it’s too soon after childbirth for her to have sex, and Carol suggests outercourse.

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Erica tells Gail what Todd had asked her. Gail thinks it’s crazy and tells Erica to shut this down right away. Erica feels bad for denying Todd his only chance at fatherhood.

At dinner, Todd stares at Erica in anticipation. Tandy asks Todd what’s on his mind, and Todd accidentally lashes out defensively, sounding like a young teenager. He retracts that reaction and tells the table that he had asked Erica to have his baby. Tandy and Erica are so excited at this news, and Erica asks to speak to Todd privately. When they return to the table, Todd is trying not to cry.

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Carol and Tandy approach Gail to ask for her medical blessing for intercourse. Hail points out that it’s only been less than two weeks. Good to know that time has been going by so slowly this season. Gail says the normal waiting time is 4-6 weeks. Since Carol’s birthing experience was so abnormal (the first baby was born while Carol was still asleep. No contractions or anything.), Gail says that maybe her reproductive organs could be cleared earlier.

As Todd sinks into depression, Melissa picks up some items from the mall in hopes of cheering up her husband. The only thing that catches his attention is the train set.

todd train box
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Tandy and Carol take part in sexual intercourse, and that’s as much as I’m comfortable stating.

tandy sexy dance
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Tandy tries to talk to an unresponsive Todd about his babies and sex life. Melissa calls Tandy aside to ask him not to rub his babies in Todd’s face right now. She says Todd just needs a few days to cheer up. We see Todd watching his train go by, and then a time jump occurs. Todd has grown out his hair and beard, and his train set has grown exponentially. Tandy and Carol, who is carrying a box, walk in to ask Todd how he’s doing. Melissa doesn’t want them bothering Todd, and the three of them speak in the hallway. Carol moves the box, revealing that she is pregnant. Melissa says that they will tell Todd eventually, but now isn’t a good time.

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Tandy comes up with a plan on how to tell Todd. He has Todd come outside with him to fill balloons to get rid of the dirty diapers. He “confides” to Todd that he hates having kids. Right on cue, Carol approaches and announces her pregnancy. Tandy calls out in despair and flips his wheelbarrow of diapers. Todd sulks off without saying a word. Once back in the house, Todd completely demolishes his train set out of anger.

demolishing trains
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Erica goes through Dawn’s old baby clothes and gets emotional at how tiny Dawn used to be.

dawn bb clothes
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Todd cleans up his train mess, gets a haircut, and shaves off his facial hair (keeping the ‘stache, of course!). With everyone gathered in the living room, Todd pulls out a paper to give a speech about hitting rock bottom, and approaching the things that he has. Erica interrupts to say, “I want to have a baby with you.” Todd is excited, but then decides he can’t let Erica give him a pity baby. Erica assures him that she’s doing this for herself and for Dawn. She wants to give her daughter a little brother or sister.

todd speech
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The episode ends with a glimpse of a hand grabbing one of the diaper balloons. The balloon says Zihuatanejo. With it being still partially inflated, it’s clear that the balloon is recent, showing the stranger that there’s likely someone alive in Zihuatanejo.

diaper balloon
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Who’s the rando!? Hopefully it’s Bill Hader. I will D I E. Catch The Last Man on Earth Sundays on FOX.

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