Bob’s Burgers has a unique habit of making tired tropes kind of funny again, whether it’s by acknowledging them or just straight-up inverting them.  This time, they may be missed the mark a little at first but picked it up with a great pun.   The 11th episode of season 8, entitled “Sleeping with the Frenemy” is your basic Cyrano De Bergerac storyline, with Tina feeding Tammy quirky information to catch a boy who’s into that.

The trouble with this episode isn’t really the predictable trope, that actually works well for it.  It’s the windup to it.  Tammy is supposed to be going on this luxury cruise with her father, but leaves the ship to go buy lipgloss because “the boat didn’t have her brand.”  So, Tina offers to let Tammy stay with her family in order to get a Thundergirls badge for doing something uncommonly generous.  Which, if the Thundergirls knew her history with Tammy, would win her a badge automatically.  But since they don’t, we kind of don’t know if she ever actually gets it or not.

So, Tammy proceeds to make everyone’s life a living hell; forcing the family to make all kinds of changes for her, until they’ve had enough and force her to work in the restaurant.   She runs out of contacts and has to wear thick glasses, which we’ve never seen her wear before, and breaks down crying after about fifteen seconds of work.  Just in time for a boy to show up and be super into sad, hardworking girls with glasses.  Even Louise points out how unfair it is that this perfect-for-Tina boy shows up and picks Tammy.

Since Tammy has no personality, Tina feeds her lines and texts for her to get this boy to kiss her, but ends up really liking him.  Because, of course, she does.  Eventually, he finds out and is reasonably angry, but just decides to forget all about it when Tammy says, “hey you guys should go be gross together.”  At this point, we’re probably meant to think that Tammy’s learned some big important lesson about helping others and so0on, but I’m willing to bet she’ll be back to normal by the next episode.

There’s also a secondary plot where Gene’s last baby tooth is meant to come out and Linda wants it for her collection, but he loses it.  So he and Bob try replacing it.  The whole thing paints Linda in a slightly more obsessive light than usual, but it’s not terribly off-putting.  Honestly, I think I laughed more at this subplot than the main story in this case.