Master of None is back! The entire second season of the series is now streaming on Netflix. I’ll wait here while you head on over to Netflix and watch the first episode. As long as you promise to come back to read this recap, and the 9 other ones that will be posted weekly right here at TGON…do you promise? Okay good, let’s get into it.

You’ll recall, last year, Dev didn’t go to Tokyo with his now ex-girlfriend, choosing instead to go Italy and learn to make pasta. When we catch up with him, he’s completing an apprenticeship in a lovely grandma’s pasta shop, getting pretty good at the art of the carb, flirting with her hot granddaughter Francesca and hanging out with some little dude with cute cheeks.

Italy Dev is pretty chill, he’s not really talking to Rachel anymore (but she sends him a birthday email), he has some Italian friends (including Francesca AND HER BOYFRIEND) and is living the life of “eating pasta, drinking wine, napping and repeating” that I’ve always dreamt of.

On the day of his birthday, he’s made a solo dinner reservation for himself at this exclusive and fancy-ass restaurant. When he gets there, a lovely young woman is bummed because she took a 3 hour train to Modena but she mixed up the date of her reservation! Dev comes to her rescue (either because he’s that nice or because she’s that pretty) and offers to share his table with her.



They have a lovely time at lunch and he shows her all around the town, they really seem to hit it off and we all get excited about the prospect of this hottie sticking around. As he’s putting her in a cab on the way to the train, she invites him to an AirBnB in Puglia for the weekend and he promises to text her. He’s too distracted watching her walk away and misses the thing where some rando dude STEALS HIS PHONE!


jk he barely knew her and she stayed pretty one dimensional but this was the first genuine connection he’d made in months so he holds on to it for a while.

I for one was devastated! Dev gets the cops involved, checks pawn shops, and does literally every thing possible to find his phone. None of it works out though, he doesn’t find his phone, he never gets back in touch with Sara. He does get to have drinks & cake with Francesca and the crew, overall a good birthday.

This episode was a beautiful homage to Italian cinema while perfectly maintaining the heart and essence of the show. I couldn’t even do it justice, but like, please go watch it! It stands-alone and advances the plot in the same breath.

Make sure to come back next week for my recap of episode 2 – and get thee to Netflix for more Master Of None!