Do you believe in the existence of evil? If you’re here and you’re reading this then I know you do. Thirty years ago our old buddy Ash Williams found the Book of the Dead, read from it, and now EVIL has found us, again.

Episode 3, “Apparently Dead,” starts off in an emotional place: the funeral of Ash’s bride – Miss Candy Bar. It wouldn’t be much of a funeral if Ash didn’t act poorly and he comes correct, checking to make sure Candy isn’t a vessel of evil and ensuring that antics ensue.  They do! Ash end up in a compromised position that is funny but predictable and Ruby’s big reveal as the school counselor is a little unexceptional.

The big musical number this episode features “Crimson & Clover” by Tommy James and the Shondells (♥) and pays homage to Ash’s (evil)dead sister, Cheryl. There’s no choreographed bloodshed this week which was a letdown but there’s a Williams family reunion in the works and that encounter promises a high gore-score!

While Ruby makes time for backyard blood magic, Pablo’s naked vision lady returns and sends the gang back to the cabin where it all began in search of a vital Sumerian dagger. The episode hits a high note when creepy Supernatural Dalton fulfills all of my deepest, hateful suspicions by trying to turn Kelly against Pablo. His descent into demon-hood is a fine dispensation of comeuppance and an excellent opportunity for Pablo to be heroic.

Overall, episode 3 was a frightful family affair that ends with Ash and his trusty chainsaw wreaking havok on a familiar foe. Brandy learns what, exactly, the term bloodbath means and I’m left wondering what the song will be next week. Check back next Sunday for your Bateman-style review of Ash vs. Evil Dead, episode 4 “Unfinished Business!”

Photo Source: Ash vs Evil Dead on STARZ

Photo Source: Ash vs Evil Dead on STARZ