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Jessica Jones promotional art cover for episode 205 “AKA The Octopus.” Photo courtesy of Netflix.

**This Article Contains Spoilers for Jessica Jones Episode 205 and Episodes Prior**

“Thank you.”

Trish’s storyline made a huge breakthrough, and a small misstep. First off, I was totally right about Griffin not doing anything bad. All he wanted was an engagement! Trish and Griffin’s relationship has been an interesting part of this season. It hasn’t ever fully clicked, and they’ve never quite felt perfect for each other. And now we know why. Rachel Taylor played that scene perfectly, and the resulting proposal played out in a truly heartbreaking fashion. It was fantastic seeing everyone’s happiness, and then from Taylor’s subtle performance, being able to see her make those all too tragic realizations. The fact that no one noticed immediately that “Thank You” doesn’t mean yes was the sad cherry on top.

As Trish elegantly said, she wants to be him—not with him. A sentiment that fits perfectly with how she has behaved in earlier episodes. A subtle set-up, with an impactful payoff. Now where Trish’s storyline faltered was with the inhaler. I thought having Trish so headstrong in leading the charge was a great play for the season. When she used the inhaler the first time, it was with the intentions of helping. But now she is just using it to start an addiction storyline? I understand her life was just turned upside down, but I still can’t help but feel that it’s a weak (and quick) way of getting to that destination. Personally I feel like the addiction should have come out of heroic intentions if that was the direction they wanted.

As for Jessica, she was given a valuable lesson in sharing. Her only way out of jail was—by advisement from Hogarth—to share what she knew to the detectives. While one didn’t want to give Jessica the time of day, the other seems posed to become an ally of Jessica.  He also provided us with a great harrowing reminder of how Kilgrave affected the police precinct.

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Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones. Photo courtesy of Netflix.

Jessica also needed help from Oscar to get access into a mental institution. They really seem to be building up a budding romance. Maybe I’m jaded thanks to Luke, but I don’t think their connection is a strong one. It feels a little forced—especially given how easily their original conflicts were solved. I’d have to think a further complication will be introduced down the line.

We finally started to get time with our antagonist! I want to give immediate applause to the prop and SFX departments because that scene where she rips apart the piano looked incredible. As for our monster, she certainly doesn’t look mentally stable. They really are giving us a slow burn into who she is. Speaking of burning, does she feel any remorse for what she did/does? That could be why she was burning all of her clothes. Is she no more than a weapon that is aimed by IGH?

In other news, Malcolm got promoted this week! This led him to managing Ingrid, which didn’t go too smoothly for him. Attempting to run away, Ingrid was finally blackmailed by Malcolm into staying under their protection. His victory brought Hogarth into the mix—which went right where I expected. Hogarth wants to know everything about IGH, and any potential cures to her ailment.

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Janet McTeer as a mysterious figure. Photo courtesy of Netflix.

With the identity of a new IGH power player revealed—and their romantic relationship with our monster—things are looking to get hairy for Jessica. Trish’s emotional new found discovery of who she wants to be has also led her into the crosshairs of addiction, and Malcolm is simply enjoying his promotion. The real question is: will Jessica save those poor citizens? (Probably.)

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Bonus Notes:

  • Malcolm consistently plugging his promotion was a nice touch.
  • I wonder if this is all we’ll be seeing of Griffin?
  • That scene with Jessica and Dave in the cell felt very Mindhunters esque, and fit particularly well in the show.
  • Silly cliffhanger don’t you think? Like she’s going to obviously save the people.
Jessica Jones 205 Poster

Jessica Jones promotional art cover for episode 205 “AKA The Octopus.” Photo courtesy of Netflix.

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