Fear the Walking Dead makes it’s return, finally, after the crazy events of the first half of the season. We see how everyone is handling themselves after the losses of Madison and Nick.

Morgan doing what he does best, but in what seems to be a more civilized way, he is clearing walkers and gathering up supplies. He finds a CB radio on one of the walkers and turns it on, he hears unfamiliar voices, to me at least, and I can make out the words “1013”. Morgan ends up switching to a frequency that he knows Al is on and asks if she can hear him. She sounds surprised and happy to hear from Morgan and asks how he is doing. He says he is healing nicely and wants to know if she is willing to drive him back home to Virginia. Morgan is currently in the back of a truck and has all of his supplies near by. John, Charlie and June, are on a bus in the middle of a bridge with a gate on the end.

After talking with Al, Morgan makes his way over to John and talks to him about coming to Virginia. John thinks with his own personal gun shot wound he would be unable to make it and he questions if Morgan will be able to either. John was thinking about going to his cabin when he is healed up, and worries that is to far, he can’t imagine going to Virginia, specially when he thinks he has everything he needs here.
Morgan continues his recruitment quest by going to a mansion. Morgan sees a walker inside the gated area, and a drunk Strand tries to shoot the walker with a silenced gun from the window but misses. Morgan pikes the walker in the head and Strand tells him his aim must be off and the door is unlocked. Luciana is in a room listening to loud music, she looks pretty wrecked to be honest. Morgan makes his plea and Luciana doesn’t want to step foot in that vehicle ever again, she doesn’t think that she has a place anywhere in the world. While Strand feels he has traveled enough and wants to just enjoy some wine in a big mansion essentially. Morgan asks where Alicia is, and Luciana says she thinks she remembers seeing her by the garden last week.
Morgan gets to the greenhouse and sees partial notes asking for HELP. Morgan is concerned on what it is he will find. He keeps looking and finds Alicia outside killing some walkers. She is behind a metal gate and is banging heavily on it to draw out the walkers. Morgan tells her he plans to leave back home and wants her to join him after showing her the notes and her saying they are not from her. She says that someone here needs her help and she is trying to find out clues. Morgan says that their is no way to know when those were written or if the person is even alive. She needs to be careful with what she is trying to do.
Meanwhile, Al is getting ready for the trip, she goes to see John and June, she arrives at the perfect time as Charlie is on shore reading, and a walker washes up on shore and is going after her. She just slowly backs up and is not trying to fight off or yell for help about the walker. Al comes and kills the walker.
Al and June decide to go out and see what is causing the walkers to show up onshore. Their has to be a backup somewhere. John stays with Charlie, on the road the pair come across a downed tree. Al notices that their is a box on the side with a note and that this isn’t a random act. She gets her camera to document what is going on. The box says, “take what you need. Leave what you don’t. See you further on up the road.” The box is filled with such items like toys and some medical supplies. June wants to talk to Al, off the record, Al says she is not one to give advice. But since they are talking off the record she will talk. June wanted to know what others said about her, she said nobody spoke of June, John spoke of Laura, and the others spoke of Naomi, maybe she wants to talk about June. June is worried that if they all go back to the cabin, that John is going to realize that she is not Laura. That she is June the one who gets scared and runs away from everyone. Al says that she is nursing him back to health and with him today, that’s who she is now. Yesterday is yesterday, but today’s today.
Back at the mansion, Luciana is just enjoying her concert as a walker has made it’s way inside to eat her. Luckily Strand is able to see and fight off the walker with his wine bottle. After disposing of the bottle he kicks the record player and tells Luciana it’s time they find the breach in the fence. They head outside and are able to find the breach and close it up. Strand is ready to hit the wine cellar again, Luciana wonders what are they doing? What’s left, Strand says they are asking the same question, he just chooses to enjoy himself while he is here.
Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 9 - Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

That walker got nailed! Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Alicia pieces together who needs help, that they are over run at the AGL lumber yard. Morgan offers to go but Alicia insists to go along so they head over to the lumber yard. Morgan tells Alicia more about Alexandria, and how (Rick) was right. The group is strong like her and he doesn’t want Alicia to learn the lessons he did and she has a chance to stop it. She should go to Alexandria with them. They make it to the lumber yard, after very few walkers Alicia pinpoints where the person has to be trapped at. They go inside and see a number of walkers at a door, Alicia wants to go and just mow down all the walkers but Morgan tells her she needs to be smart about it. He leads the walkers outside, and Alicia drops a number of logs down on the walkers heads killing them. Alicia busts into the room to find that the person inside is also a dead walker, she is very upset about it. Morgan goes and kills the walker, after that Morgan asks Alicia why she was sleeping in the greenhouse. Luciana and Strand need her, they need her to at least be there for them like her mom was. Alicia, as the wise one she is becoming says yes she could be there, like he could be their for us too, so why are you leaving? Morgan is a little rocked as he knows that Alicia nailed him on that.
Back at the bridge, John is making home made Scrabble to play with Charlie. She doesn’t talk at all, so John just keeps talking, says he did something wrong, and talking to someone actually saved him, it brought him back. She can do the same, we hear a walker approaching and John goes out to kill it, Charlie packs up and escapes the other direction. John goes to the mansion to try to get some help, Strand thinks John has lost his mind by going there to ask for help, and shouldn’t ask Luciana at all, but John says he took a bullet for everyone and as he sees it they owe him. So Strand says he will go but can’t drive because he has been drinking heavily. Strand and John start to go look at the libraries for Charlie thinking that’s where she will be.
It turns out though that Charlie went back to the mansion. Luciana hears someone and thinks it’s Strand but sees it’s Charlie and chases after her. Luciana yells at her asking her if she hasn’t done enough already?! When Luciana gets back inside she sees that Charlie was returning the book that she lent her, when Luciana sees this she has seconds thoughts and goes looking for Charlie.
Strand and John are stuck in the storm, Alicia insists on going off on her own and Morgan says they should get shelter, so they go their separate ways. Lastly June and Al try to warn John about the storm, but they are stuck inside the army vehicle, Al says that when she put all the weaponry on top of the rig she sacrificed things like driving in 100 miles per hour winds and they have to wait it out.