The Netflix animation Beastars has captured the attention of many anime fan’s after the debut of the first season on December 26, 2019. As mentioned in the article “Exploring Human Problems in an Animal World” – Itaparu’s BEASTARS Anime Reaches NA Netflix March 13 Beastars touches on real world issues from a different perspective. I loved the show from the beginning because of how relatable it was. The show reveals the uncomfortable stereotypes we align with certain ethnicities, in this case species. Herbivores are shown to be superior of carnivores and gentle creatures. Carnivores are seen as scary and more intimidating.

Legoshi who was once a shy wolf who often tucked his tail in between his legs. He later fell in love with a hypersexual rabbit named Haru. In season 1 Legoshi almost devoured her, but eventually fell in love with her. With the help of Louis the famous drama club star, he was able to shed his fur literally. In season 2, Legoshi decided to solve the mystery of Tem’s devouring. This became my favorite part of the show because of the inner strength Legoshi began to build. His confidence became his ultimate weapon. It was interesting to watch him balance a complicated love life while preparing for the biggest plot twist in the season.

The dark past of Louis became an inspirational moment in the mist of all the drama at the high school. He traded in his life as a beloved drama actor to leader of a black market gang. Although he was an herbivore, he lived amongst his clan as a carnivore. He ate meat and sold meat. As heartless as he acts, he was shocked at the fact that he loved carnivores. He criticized Legoshi for not living up to his potential, but that’s who Legoshi is. Louis respected Legoshi for not living up to the stereotype that herbivores had of carnivores. It did become weird that Louis had to admit that he too had a romantic relationship with Haru.

I rated “Beastars” season 2 4 out of 5 stars because Legoshi made this season well worth the wait. Each episode was filled with exciting key pieces leading up to the battle between Legoshi and Tem’s murder. I did feel like this season dragged to the plot compared to season 1. In the end Legoshi talked to Haru about leaving the school to find himself. She responded by saying that she needs a boyfriend. After everything that Legoshi endured including suppressing his urges, I was hoping that she would’ve become closer to him. The simp of the year of the year award goes to Legoshi.

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