So much has happened in the last week that it’s almost too much to digest. Marvel keeps announcing creative teams for Fresh Start, ECCC was this past weekend, Action Comics #1000 news and so much more!  Below are some quick notes that will help you bore your non-comic reading friends while you’re out to eat.


Editor-In-Chief and CCO of IDW Comics, Chris Ryall, has left the San Diego based comic publisher after 14 years citing that he was “stepping aside to take a break, get off the nerve ending deadline train, and see what new challenge makes the most sense as my next move.”


DC Comics revealed that Selina Kyle’s wedding dress will appear on the cover of Batman #44 next month. The Wedding Issue will be released July 4, 2018.


Dan Slott has announced that he will be ending his decade-long run on Amazing Spider-Man at issue #801. The title will be taken over by Nick Spencer and Ryan Ottley beginning this June.


DC Comics releases Tom King and Clay Mann’s story from Action Comics #1000 entitled Of Tomorrow in its entirety here. Action Comics #1000 will be released next month.


Writer Skottie Young and artist Nic Klein will takeover Deadpool with a brand new #1 as part of Marvel’s Fresh Start initiative beginning this June.


Jeff Lemire and Kim Jacinto will be working together on a new Sentry book as part of Marvel’s Fresh Start. The book will being this June.


Brian Michael Bendis announced two new books under his Jinxworld imprint at DC Comics. He reunites with artists Michael Gaydos and David Mack to release Pearl and Cover. Both will be released sometime in 2018.




DC Comics announced last week that Neil Gaiman would be overseeing a Sandman imprint that hosts a variety of creative teams with stories set in the Sandman Universe.