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When Mateo gets injured, Jonah tries to help him avoid Cloud 9 compensation for fear of his immigration status being revealed. Meanwhile, Amy attempts to convince everyone that she likes Kelly
Superstore - Season 3
Trae Patton / NBC

Amy wants to prove that she’s not in love with Jonah so she tries to bond with Kelly but that just gets her into trouble – and it gets Mateo seriously injured.

This whole debacle starts because Kelly doesn’t fasten the store signs properly and one of them falls on Mateo. He gets seriously hurt (ish) and learns that if he negotiates with corporate, he can get a huge payout out of his injury. So he enlists Jonah as his “lawyer” and they get on the phone with Jeff. He keeps offering them the “maximum” amount of money and they hold out until they get a substantial number, which they eventually do. The only think standing in the way of Mateo and a huge payout is a little tiny liability waiver.

Mateo – being undocumented – can’t actually sign the waiver so he refuses Jeff’s offer. Jeff thinks this is because he doesn’t want to clear Cloud 9 of all wrong doing and keeps bringing the number up. By the end, thousands of dollars are on the line and Mateo decides to confess it all to Jeff. Why he can’t sign the waiver, why he couldn’t transfer and had to break up with him, etc. This is actually a sweet moment once we realize that Jeff’s a good guy and won’t freak out and be a dick like some people would have been.

Superstore - Season 3
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Kelly’s fuckup gets Amy in trouble because in an effort to show her that they are friends and that she likes her, Ames takes the blame. She then has to re-attend Cloud Nine safety training and “learn” how to be a good, safe employee all over again. Glenn doesn’t even trust her to do anything so he puts Sandra on as her shadow, and the proximity causes more accidents than it could have avoided.

Eventually Amy gets tired of taking the blame so she wants Dina to review security footage with everyone and prove that Kelly was the one who made the mistake. As Dina is pulling up the clip, she plays security footage FROM THE TORNADO! Remember? Amy & Jonah were huddled together and they made out because they thought maybe they might die? WELL NOW EVERYONE HAS SEEN THAT CLIP AND EVERYONE KNOWS AND AAAAAAH. Just when you thought there would be a slow burn of will they won’t they – the show decided to show everyone everything and reset the clock.

Superstore - Season 3
Trae Patton / NBC

Superstore airs Thursdays on NBC

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