Let’s get ready to rumble! Photo Credit: Warner Bros TV

The playing field changed yet again this week on Arrow. Alliances were formed and broken as quick as you could even figure out who was teaming together. Felicity’s father as we know was back in town and met up with Felicity. We found out that her father has been out of her life for a long time, 18 years to be exact. He missed so much being away from her and has a lot to learn. He however, did find out that Felicity was the one called Over Watch that thwarted his plans the previous episode. This obviously spooked Felicity who didn’t know what his angle was. He didn’t want to harm her, he actually was happy to find that they both had something in common. He used that as a chance to try to learn more about and have a relationship with his daughter again. Felicity understandably was very skeptical of that, especially knowing that he was wanted by the cops.

Turning back to team Arrow and the Speedy situation Oliver knows that their is a potential cure named the Lotus which is in possession of Nyssa. What Nyssa wants is for Malcolm to die. Oliver doesn’t want to resort to murdering of his half sister’s father so he was trying his hardest to find another way around it. His proposal was for Malcolm to willingly give up his spot as Raz Al Ghul in exchange for the Lotus cure. Of course Nyssa said yes, but Malcolm would take some convincing. He went along with it, only enough to try to pull a double cross to kill Nyssa while he had a chance. Oliver, Diggle and Laura jumped in to stop the double cross. Nyssa and her group got to escape. After the fight John Diggle told Oliver Queen that they have to kill Malcolm that looks like the only way. Malcolm promised revenge and that it would be taken to the streets.

Which later is exactly what happened, both groups started fighting in the streets where the public could be caught in the cross fire. During the chaos Oliver shot to subdue Nyssa to start up his new plan. The decision was that the only way to end this once and for all was a trial by combat for the ring which is obviously to the death. Nyssa didn’t want to back down from Malcolm, and of course Malcolm was jumping at the chance to end this once and for all. Oliver’s plan was coming into shape even though most did not see what his end game was going to be.

At the trial by combat, Nyssa was ready to fight, but Oliver’s plan came into play as, by League laws, Oliver is the husband of Nyssa, and is permitted to stand in during a trial by combat on behalf of a spouse. This caught many by surprise, as why Oliver would put his life on the line, but that was part of his plan, as during the battle he cut off Malcolm’s hand that had the ring, and knocks Malcolm out. He goes and gets the ring from the hand, and gives it to Nyssa, who then becomes the leader of the League of Assassins. What she ends up doing is disbanding the League by burning the ring in a fire. Malcolm is understandably very upset about how this all turned out, and promises revenge.

Catching up briefly with Felicity, she meets with her father again, after testing him and seeing if he would steal some information if given the chance, she turns him into the police and moving on from that chapter of her life.

So since Malcolm wants to get revenge on Oliver, but doesn’t have the authority to do it anymore he sets up a meeting with Damian Darhk. Malcolm tells Damian that the best way to get to Oliver is to hurt the one he loves most. Darhk said he already knew that as he put a beating to Felicity. That is when Malcolm said that is not who he loves most in the world, that person is his son William! Darhk looked shocked!