“Yeah, I’m Six tons of granite and micaceous schist!” – The Footprints on the Moon (Band)

Yes, finally and definitely! TBBT seems to come back on the track. It’s getting all the rhythm and this episode is the evidence. Awesome acting performances and a good story. Well except for Bernadette, who still doesn’t get much of a role to play.

Anyways, the title isn’t very related with the content of the episode though. Howard and Raj’s band have a performance the upcoming week and they can’t get enough practice together as Howard is always busy in taking care of Bernadette and the baby, so he decides to take a break from the band and start working on his own music. (Which doesn’t really happen, so no SOLO OSCILLATION for that matter.)

But in case of Sheldon, who thinks Leonard, Raj and Amy – all are getting ahead in their respective fields, achieving something great, the title might feel right.

Sheldon was all depressed by that fact that he isn’t working on anything at all and Penny was bored with Leonard and Amy always hang out together doing science stuff. They think of spending time together and just then Penny helps Sheldon solve a piece in String theory!

It is worth watching, if you haven’t already. Grab some popcorn, sit back and enjoy the Solo Oscillation. I assure you it has weird rock music with nerdy lyrics as well as ‘brainy Penny’. Enjoy, fellas!