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Missing Brooklyn Nine-Nine?

Photo Courtesy of FOX

Dou you want the good news first or the bad news first?

I’ll start with the bad news: New episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine won’t return to FOX until Spring (no exact date has been announced yet).

How will we make it until then?? In typical 99 fashion, we’ve been left with a cliffhanger: are Holt and Kevin safe??

Let’s not dwell on this, though, because I’ve got good news for you, too:

Because our beloved B99 has reached syndication level, it’s now playing 3 days a week on TBS (check your local listings)! How exciting! Usually there’s nothing to watch on regular cable! Okay that’s exaggerated but you get what I mean. And of course, all episodes are available on Hulu if you’re feeling binge ready.

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