Episode Synopsis:

A major security breach and a large influx of new inmates forces Caputo to call in the big guns; things get too real for Crazy Eyes and Lolly.

The Inmates:

In the first episode back, we find ourselves back where we left off…

Alex & Lolly: Continuing with Alex being hunted down by one of her ex boss’ sidekicks, we find her pinned down on the ground, being strangled. Thankfully, Lolly comes to the rescue and kicks the living hell out of the guy and kills him in the process. Unfortunately, after all that goes down, the question is, where will they hide the body? While trying to come up with a plan, they hear a noise, and notice that the man had a phone tucked inside his boot. They find out that he was texting with her ex boss and he wants to know how the killing of Alex went. Alex and Lolly end up faking Alex’s death and cover up the body with a tarp. Later that night, Alex tries waking Lolly up, so they can go back to the greenhouse, but ends up going alone. As Alex lifts the tarp, she discovers that the man is still alive, but barely breathing. Sadly, Alex has to kill the man in order to bury his body. In the morning, Lolly wakes Alex up and they return to the greenhouse once again, and finds that Frieda has already found the body. Because of her extreme boredom, Frieda decides that she wants to help bury the body and tells Alex and Lolly that they need to cut the body up in order to bury it in the garden. And like a scene straight out of ‘Dexter,’ they start chopping the body, and bury it with the flowers.

Caputo: We start witnessing Caputo as the new head honcho of the prison, and things are already taking a turn for the worst. Since Litchfield is becoming over-crowded, he calls for more guards. Cue the max prison guards, who look super scary. They straighten the girls out and mean business. When everyone comes back from the lake, they won’t let them eat and they even put Red in her place. Later that day, after finding Crazy Eyes behind the gate, he also finds out that Maureen is still hiding out in the woods. Him and Baxter end up going into the woods, finding the abandoned house by the lake, and taking Maureen back to the prison. After dealing with Maureen, he gets a call about Judy King, who was sent to Litchfield to serve her time. And gets told that he should probably hire an assistant to help with all his chaos.

Piper: Piper is getting slightly delusional while in prison and since she blackmailed Stella at the end of last season, she’s on a power high. Not even realizing that most of the inmates escaped to the lake, she thinks she’s turned super gangsta since girls are running past her. Later, while the new inmates are getting assigned to bunks, Piper tries to make it clear to her new bunk mate, that she shouldn’t be messed with. Funnily enough, she fails and Red makes a fool out of her. In the morning, during breakfast, Piper complains about the food, and some of the new girls see that Piper is the one that they need to kick off the totem pole of power. After having a little confrontation with one of the girls, Piper feels like she’s still in control and walks off like a bamf.

Crazy Eyes & Maureen: These ladies are newly in love, and while mostly everyone was having fun at the lake, they were hiding in the woods and having some alone time. Things start to take a turn for the worst when Maureen confesses to Crazy Eyes that she doesn’t want to return to the prison. After hearing this, Crazy Eyes doesn’t have the same feelings, but continues on with Maureen anyway into the woods. They find an abandoned house and Maureen tells Crazy Eyes that they could live there together. That’s the last straw for Crazy Eyes because she’s hungry and runs away back to the prison, leaving Maureen alone.

This was a great first episode of Orange Is the New Black, and I feel like there’s going to be even more craziness this season because of all the new people coming in to Litchfield. Judy King seems interesting since she’s coming into the prison like a Martha Stewart type. I wonder if they will make her somewhat of a bad guy. Also, Alex and Lolly’s banter is so funny. I like this new pairing and I hope it continues for more episodes. Also, I’m not sure what to think of Piper at this moment because she’s going into this downward spiral of insanity. She thinks she’s on top, but with all these new ladies around, I’m sure she’ll be taken down a notch. Lastly, I’m excited to see how Caputo deals with everything this season as the new head boss. He seemed like a good fit at the end of last season, but who knows.