Aside from the season premiere, this week’s episode of Rick and Morty was the most anticipated episode for the season. The episode builds off information released in 2015 which depicted a rough animation of Rick transformed into a pickle. Because Roiland’s shenanigans never slow down, right?

The episode opens with Rick calling out to Morty, who is putting much more effort into his appearance than usual. Morty quickly discovers that Rick has turned himself into a pickle to avoid the family counseling appointment his daughter Beth had scheduled. Why a pickle? We don’t know. Rick probably doesn’t even know. But Beth knows that he has filled a syringe with serum to turn him back into a human, and she takes it with her to the counseling session to spite her father.

Rick ends up getting washed down a storm drain and into a sewer where he uses cockroach corpses to make himself mobile as he fights a hoard of rabid rats. You could say he’s gotten himself into quite a -*ahem*- pickle.

Photo Source: Adult Swim

Then what is perhaps the most violent scene in Rick history ensues. While fighting off the rats, Rick utilizes a series of weapons he has devised from the elements around him, decapitating and gutting the rats. I’m talking serious bloodshed that is simultaneously awesome and unnerving.

He uses the same methods to escape a random high-security facility he ends up in when he finally gets out of the sewer. All of his violence ends when he causes the facility to explode as he makes his get away in a helicopter.

Keep in mind, he’s still a pickle. Yes, it is absolutely as ridiculous as it sounds. Ridiculously hilarious.

Photo Source: Adult Swim

The scene cuts to the therapist’s office where Beth, Summer, and Morty are sitting. The therapist is trying to pull reactions out of them,particularly about Rick’s absence. They come to the agreement that Rick turned himself into a pickle to avoid the session, especially since he had a syringe of mysterious fluid prepared that will most likely change him to a human again.

Photo Source: Adult Swim

But Rick does make it in, satisfying his daughter. He admits that he did, in fact, avoid the session by turning himself into a pickle, and the satisfaction everyone gets from his confession ends the session.

On the car ride home, Summer and Morty are all but invisible in the back seat. Beth and Rick chatter happily after Rick turns human again, agreeing to go out for a drink because they’re both in such a good mood. While this is awkward because of Summer and Morty’s situation, it’s also kind of heartwarming to see Beth and Rick interact in such a healthy way.

It appears that with Jerry out of the picture, there really is an opportunity for Beth to rekindle her relationship with her father. Hopefully Rick doesn’t go and mess that up with another one of his adventures…we’ll tune in next week to see how it plays out!