So Ruby and Sapphire’s relationship has developed. Ruby has popped “The Question” to her longtime love.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Amethyst and Steven arrive at the cliffside to meet up with Greg and Ruby. Apparently, little Ruby and Greg have already discussed Rose’s real identity. This doesn’t bother Greg much, as he jokes that she never knew Mr. Universe was previously Greg DeMayo.

Steven is confused as to why Ruby seems so much calmer after her falling out with Sapphire. She explains to him that she needs some time away from her other half to find herself for a while.

Hence, we see Ruby embarcing on a cowboy adventure, as previously predicted by Sapphire in an earlier episode. Not to mention, the viewers experience Amethyst shape shifting into a new creature: a horse.

We’ve seen her become Pearl, an owl, and so many others, but I personally enjoyed seeing Amethyst become a horse on screen, as they’ve been a favorite animal of mine for most of my life.

Ruby becomes Ruby Rider, moving across the desert on Amethyst’s back, with Steven and Greg riding close behind in the Universe’s van.

The gang end up settling inside a camping area, and Ruby quickly takes up the guitar, singing a song “Ruby Rider” about exploring her solitary life. But she later reveals to Steven while others are asleep (nice throwback to Steven’s catepillar sleeping bag here) that she misses Sapphire dearly.

Knowing this, they head back to Beach City, and Ruby makes a dramatic entrance, hopping off her horse still clothed in cowboy garb, as Sapphire races out across the beach, apologizing to her love.


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Ruby then drops down on one knee and asks Sapphire to marry her. Beyond that, Ruby promises this time, when they fuse, it will be their choice, not Rose’s and this explains an important character development for both of them. Garnet means free will and she’s made of love.

Plus Amethyst sneaks up the porch to greet Pearl, and although she’s a bit surprised, she’s less annoyed than she was before with Amethyst’s antics. Pearl, Steven and Amethyst are enthralled with the idea of Garnet’s wedding, which we’ll see in the next episode “Reunited”.


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