Hello hello, and welcome back to our daily Happy! dose of of… well, Happy! Last week, we saw Nick sitting down, realizing he know Hailey’s kidnapper is connected to Blue. Last week, I didn’t realize the guy sitting next to Sax was Michael. I just assumed it was a random guy doing inappropriate things.

h 6.1

Image Source: Happy! – SyFy/Morrison/Robertson

We start the episode with an AA or NA setting for forgotten or lost imaginary friends. I personally cannot recall any friends, most of them were very realistic, actual people, not animals. Might be because I grew up in the woods with limited human interaction. Or ghosts. Anyways, back in the series, we watch Happy feeling like he failed Hailey, and just drifting about, waiting until he blinks out from existence. Another imaginary friend, Raspberry, offers him a place to stay.

Michael is taken by Sax, to a photo booth of all places. I am guessing he will use the photos as leverage against Blue, but not sure yet. Afterwards, he takes the young thought to be dead man to a church. The pastor is, understandably, very confused, especially as Nick Sax begins to strap the man down to a chair. Before he could get his answers, leaving Michael strapped to a chair, mumbling Blue. There is a good conversation, between Nick and the Pastor, about God and praying. I’ve noticed randomly, little tidbits of religious conversation popping up, with Happy and Nick talking last episode about the human condition and how they would rather watch someone die than risk their own skin in saving them. It’s why Happy left, but afterwards, people saved Nick, against his own belief.

h 6.4

Image Source:  Happy! – SyFy/Morrison/Robertson

Lets check up on the children. Not sure what Smoothie is thinking, but he dresses all the kids up in weird outfits. Hailey looks like a beauty pageant winner. The story line flows to Blue, his son part of a Chri-er.. Winter Holiday performance. Nick sneaks in, threatening Blue, admitting he knows about the child kidnapping ring, and how Blue kidnapped his daughter. They set up a time, midnight, at Blue’s house. Sax asks to make sure the house has Blue’s wife and daughter, and he will bring Michael, who is alive. Before leaving, Sax leaves the photos he took in the booth of him and Michael.

Back at the church, we see Michael has escaped his bindings. The pastor walks around, confused, until he sees Michael in the confession booth. It’s odd, his breathing is heavy. He speaks in old Latin, confusing the priest more, but uses words he recognizes. The pastor asks if he has any confessions, and the camera pans away. After a beat, Michael bolts from the confession booth, and runs out the door. The pastor slowly steps out, staring. Clearly, the confessions Michael had shook the man to his core. When Sax returns to get Michael, the pastor flips out, says “God conceals from man the happiness of death.” before stealing from the collection jar and running away.

h 6.3

Image Source:  Happy! – SyFy/Morrison/Robertson

We return to Smoothie, talking with the children. He hangs up the phone, and tries to find out who Hailey is. Of course, once he starts threatening the other children, Hailey stands up, showing she does have a bit of her father’s spirit in her. Smoothie confesses, he had seen it in her eyes at the beginning, and tells Hailey her dad is dead. In probably the most squismish scene for me, Hailey spits at Smoothie who catches it in his mouth. Most probably would find the blood, gore and sexual scenes the worst, but I have a phobia of saliva. I literally left me gagging.

Switching places but keeping with the theme, we see Happy hanging out with Raspberry in the bedroom of a young child. We haven’t met the kid yet… oH SWEET JESUS IT’S BLUE’S KID! He must be super lonely with his father always yelling. Gerry asks Happy if he likes to play games, which of course Happy is super excited about. But, based on the creepy music, I got a feeling the boy takes after his father. Seeing as he turns holding a crying Imaginary Friend, I feel like my feelings are vindicated.  Russian Roulette is not a child’s game, even if it is with a toy gun. And the baseball bat adds little to calm my fears. But the Bang! kills the Friend, causing Happy to flee, and find a room full of Forgotten Friends nailed to the wall. Happy talks with a pinned friend, who explains how they pick them up at meetings, and everyone is a prisoner here until the boy kills them or they blink out. As the friend fades away, Raspberry appears, and rips off Blue’s wing.

h 6.6

Happy! – SyFy/Morrison/Robertson

Blue makes a visit to Merry and her mother. He is pissed she kept Nick’s kid from him, even if she didn’t realize he had kidnapped her. He takes her off the case. In a turn of events, Merry’s mother speaks with her clearly, about a strange man who came after she was born, and threatened Merry’s life, if her father didn’t do as he was told. Her mother then goes to the kitchen, and swallows a bottle of pills, to protect Merry my taking herself out of the equation. Blue then goes to meet Sax.. well, Sax went to his house. Says Michael is in the trunk, where a knocking noise can be heard. They plan to exchange Michael for Hailey, but Blue decides to just kill Nick. Shocker, I know. Nick had a back up plan, a bomb attached to the car, but it proves to be a dud, and an alert reveals Michael is back home with his mother. Captured, the goons drag Nick into the garage to kill him.

Hailey doesn’t take the news of her father leaving lightly, and decides the best thing to do is run away. One guy wants to stay, too scared. Hailey straight up throws a chair through a window, and the kids jump out, running towards freedom. It turns out to be another set, a backdrop with props. Smoothie appears, asking who gave them permission to leave their seats. Hailey and most of the group run past, and Smoothie has this look like ‘Wow, so predictable.” One kid is frozen in place though.

H 6.8

Happy! – SyFy/Morrison/Robertson

Nick has 3 guys in the garage, guns pointed at him, and kinda coaching them, mentioning how they should put tarps down for the clean up. He also gets a bit reflective. The irony of life. And then it’s too late. “I’ve broken every code, every oath, every promise.” The goons are letting him ramble. Happy hears Nick’s voice, ends up killing Raspberry, and his appearance inspires Nick, who takes out the 3 goons, and confesses to Happy he believes in the little bugger. Happy’s color and physical ailments fade away, making him good as new. They are both ready to go find Hailey.

I still love every moment of this series, though am wondering if Michael was possessed by a demon. I also wonder if the password is Blue, a bit ironic, with so many people trying to kill to keep it a secret. I hope they can save Hailey, and wonder who they are a gift for. Well, that’s all for now. See you next week, and as always, Stay Shiny!