Michael killed Rosa and her friends, or so we think. Isabel ends up asleep in the desert with apparently no recollection of how she got there. What happened to her? Her husband drives up thinking that she is with Max and Michael. So they go in search of her. At the same time, Max is trying to talk him out of confessing to Rosa’s murder. Max thinks that they should hit the road to get away from their troubles. It would do them no good to bring even further suspicion to themselves.

Liz still thinks Max killed her sister. And she is on a one-woman mission to prove it. She also thinks that Rosa and Kyle’s father was having an affair. And Kyle shows her the box of stuff he has and she steals the recorder. It seems like the recording is 9-1-1 calls. She runs across one call about floating people in the middle of the desert. The caller turns out to be an alien conspiracy theorist. Liz then decides to corner him and interrogates him about what he saw. My thing is, is that she believes that guy but nothing of what Max tells her. Although he did save her life and her father’s life and a lot of other people’s lives. Does that make the saying true about the bad things being easier to believe? I mean I get that it was her sister, but having experienced it first hand, shouldn’t she had a bit more faith.

Kyle found a set of keys in his dad’s box and takes a trip to their cabin. The keys didn’t open the front door so he attempts to break in and runs into Alex. He learns that his dad left the cabin for Alex before he died. The key must open something. So Kyle asked Alex can he look around and see if he can find the door it opens. Kyle feels some type of way about it, but what can he do. He can say no but he allows him to look and he doesn’t find one. Kyle and Max reminisce about the past and it brings up some not-so-nice memories. Low and behold there is a hole in the floor. There is a room down there decorated for a girl. Kyle learns that his father is also Rosa’s father and he was trying to help her. She died.

Liz’s investigation leads her to a warehouse where all the old alien paraphernalia is located to see this video of the floating teenagers in the desert and almost loses her life. Wyatt Long tries to kill her because he thinks or chooses to believe that Rosa killed his sister. As we watched the video we can see that that is not true. The girls look dead as their bodies float across the ground. The destination isn’t clear and Wyatt interrupts the video with gunshots. He overpowers Liz, puts her in a box, and sets it afire. Max saves her just in time. This was after he learned how Michael and Isabel betrayed him by making Liz leave Roswell 10 years ago. Max gets shot while saving Liz. She rushes to his side to “help” and he wonders why she is thereafter all she believes him to be.

Isabel has to answer for her actions by her husband Noah. He thinks she’s an alcoholic and threatens to leave her. She can’t tell him the truth. That she is an alien. So he packs her a bag and says he needs time, so her life is falling apart as well. Thinking that there are no more lies between them they all start to have realizations. Liz realizes Max is protecting someone he loves, Isabell realized that Max and Michael have been protecting her seemingly from herself. It hits. Liz and Isabel come to a conclusion about Rosa and the girls who die. One, Max didn’t kill Rosa but rather Isabel did. They are horrified at the truth. No more so than Isabel because they were hiding it from her too.