Photo Source: FOX // Brooklyn Nine Nine

Make no mistake: even though the contest was sort of derailed (in the best way possible), Jake DID win the title of “Amazing Genius/Human” this year.

This Halloween at the 99, everyone was invited to participate in the yearly heist to prove who’s the best “detective”. This year, the prize was a wrestling style championship belt (or Cumberbund, as Holt aptly pointed out). Right away, Jake swiped it with the help of Charles and a fake Charles. Then, surprisingly, Charles tricked Jake and took it away from him. Yep, Charles has finally branched out on his own…with Rosa and Terry, forming a group called “The Tramps”. Those threee didn’t stay on top for long, though, Holt stole the belt from them with Cheddar, and Amy diverted Cheddar to lock the belt in a safe under her desk. This entire time, I’m thinking (and I assume most other viewers are thinking as well): is it actually possible to come up with tricks this good? How are they doing this? Oh wait, it’s a tv show.

Meanwhile, Jake has escaped his handcuffs (by agreeing to join fake Charles’ pyramid scheme), and is able to see all of the trickery on the precinct cameras. He sees that Amy hid the belt in her safe, so he puts together a Handmaiden’s Tale ruse to switch safes and hide the real one in the evidence room. Amy catches on quickly and Jake finds her in there. He leads her to the belt, which he’s changed the inscription on. It now reads “Amy Santiago, will you marry me?” He drops to his knees and recites a list of reasons why he loves her (mostly about her butt), she accepts his proposal, they kiss, and Charles comes in and faints. One of the cutest things about this moment is where t took place. You’d think a dusty old evidence room has little significance, but this is the spot where they first really got together. So, it’s the perfect spot for them to get engaged.

Here’s a video clip released by FOX of the moment:


So, once again, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has veered from the predictable and two of our favorite detectives are getting married! It’s safe to say their both amazing genius/humans.