The Walking Dead brought to you by Bisquick, frequent pouring might create pancakes. Photo Credit: Bisquick

The world of the living is bigger than our group realized. This weeks episode was slower than normal, a very slow story build. i wonder if it was intentional knowing that it was going up against a major awards show.

So we start off fairly close to where we left off last weeks episode. Jesus is just hanging around Rick’s house, he is met with a gun to his head from Carl who wasn’t sure who or why this person was in his house. Jesus said he was waiting for his parents to come down, when they came down reality hit Carl about what had happened to Rick and Michonne, which he was totally supportive of, of perhaps Carl saw it coming and it didn’t shock him.

Jesus tells a group that he is a recruiter for his group, and that Alexandria’s world has a chance to get a whole lot bigger. His place has a lot of food but nothing in the armory. Jesus as we know already got in and looked at Alexandria’s provisions and knows that they are low on food that they would seem like natural trade partners.

So Jesus convinces a group to load up into the RV and go check out the Hilltop, along the way Abraham asks Glenn, “when you were pouring the Bisquick, were you trying to make pancakes?” It took a little bit for Glenn to process the reference but when he did he said that yes they absolutely were trying to build something new. After an undisclosed time they come across a fresh looking wreck. Jesus seems distraught as he recognizes the vehicle and says that his group doesn’t have a lot of fighters. Rick’s group cautious thinking it might all be an ambush attempt go to look for the survivors but leaves Jesus behind with Maggie with the directive that if he whistles shoots him. The group does find some survivors, none of Jesus’s group seem to have any weapons, but one of them is an obstetrician, which is good news for Maggie and Glenn.

When the group arrives at the Hilltop they are greeted by scary security yielding hand made spears, it is clear they don’t have ammo, they have some Fema trailers and a large building and food. They are asked to go meet Gregory who is the leader of this group, who is a pompous jerk. He insists they get cleaned up and Maggie is sent to talk to him to try to negotiate. He is creepy hitting on her and implying she can stay and sleep around for stuff, finds out the real story behind the Hilltop that they are giving such a large amount as a tribute to stay alive. She tries to negotiate for trade, but Gregory is to pompous to really take an agreement.

A small group of the Hilltop arrives a person short, it turns out that the tribute was viewed a little light and they kept someone hostage and needed his brother to deliver a message to see his return safe. The man then proceeds to stab Gregory in the stomach, a battle breaks out, and the large guy attacks Rick. Daryl, Michonne, Abraham, and Rick get into some scraps. Abraham just starts thinking about Sasha and Rosita when he is getting choked out deciding he wants to be with Sasha. Rick is able to gut the large man who tried to attack him. A lot of the Hilltop look at Rick in shock and disbelief, followed by anger. His response:


Murdering people who tried to murder Rick is so normal these days. Photo Credit: The Walking Dead Comic

Jesus is able to diffuse the situation, before the sides got into any more fighting. It was decided that they would take care of this Negan asshole and take over his deal. Which I think is an absolutely horrible move, they have no idea what they are doing with, or who, how many people they have, where their strong hold is. So Rick decides that he needs to send in Maggie to negotiate because he doesn’t think he should with how upset he is. Maggie is able to secure a large amount of food, an animal, some time on the machine to get a sonogram of the baby. They are coming back with Jesus and another member of the Hilltop. Jesus is impressed by Maggie’s negotiation as he thinks that she ended up getting more than Negan originally did.

So now the hunt begins, be careful what you ask for you just might get it.