Hello, hello, and welcome my lovelies, to the first episode of the New Year! I hope your resolutions are going well, I forgot to set mine. Might do it later on. Still, there is something magical about the beginning of something. New series, new year… Sorry, ranting. On with the review! I will not have a separate medical review, sorry loves, the episode only had a small part, and I’d rather not waste the space.

gd 11.2

Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

We start the episode with Glassman in a panic, trying to find Shaun. He knows the boy is hiding with Lea, but she is defending him, stating she doesn’t know where he is. Of course, once Glassman leaves, Shaun pops out from hiding under the bed. Lea convinces Shaun to go on a car trip with her, skipping work for the first time ever. Not good for a resident, especially since Jared is still ‘fired’. Speaking of Jared, he sits down with Matt Coyle, trying to explain himself, and hopes the man will go to Andrews and try to get his termination revoked. Coyle just brushes him off. I am glad they didn’t sweep this issue under the rug, or leave it for the last episode.

gd 11.1Speaking of Andrews, we get to have only one medical patient this episode, but wow is it a good one. Conjoined twins. One has liver failure. The other is donating it, so no complications genetically. The twins are Jenny and Katie, conjoined at the head. They share a sagittal plane, and when they are separated in 6 months, one will have an artificially made sagittal plane. The sagittal plane separates the two sides of your brain. When a conjoined twin is born, they usually have connected organs, body systems, or, in this case, the brain. What happens is after the body goes through surgery, it needs to rest. With Katie and Jenny, both are tired, and the system is being put under a lot of stress. The strain starts affecting Jenny’s heart, and they decide to proceed with the surgery to separate the two.

pro 1.2While they are performing surgery, Lea is taking Shaun on an adventure. She teaches him to drive, to do a burnout, learns about his connection to Glassman, as well as his history. She also shows him how to take a shot of tequila, which Shaun actually enjoys, and they do some drunken Karaoke. It was really nice to see Shaun behaving like a normal person, though most shots of tequila involve salt and a lime, but I will let it roll this time. At the very end, Lea teaches him the best thing anyone should ever learn – the goodnight, goodbye kiss. If a girl opens the door, but doesn’t go through, she wants to have a kiss. Otherwise, she would just go through the door, and close it behind her. It was sweet, and the fact she seemed to want to do it again is so warming. Sadly, tequila tends to make an appearance again. And, with morning, comes a new day.

The episode ends as the day seems to darken. The twins should be waking up, but they are not. Claire gets Coyle to accept Jared’s apology, and Andrews calls Jared to inform him he will be happy to recommend him at any local hospitals, but he takes physical assault seriously, and will not hire him back. Shaun finds out Lea is quitting her job, and moving back home, to work at her late grandfather’s shop and rebuilding cars. Shaun runs away, and we see him sitting at the bus stop, waiting for a ride. I really hope everything works out well in the next episode, but oh god, this series……. Well, for now, I shall sit patiently until the next episode airs. Have a great day, and stay shiny.