In Steven Universe, Gems spring out of their Kindergarten fully-formed and with a solid idea of what they were meant to do. However, they’re not all cookie-cutter versions of each other. A big determining factor of a Gem’s personality is its gem placement. And while they’re formed with their stone already in place, you can take what you know of your personality and figure out where your gem would be.

The Forehead:

Are you a cerebral person? How often do you get called a nerd on a daily basis? If your answers are, yes and a lot, your gem is probably in your forehead. We see it in both Pearl and Peridot, who are easily the most “book smart” and thoughtful characters on the show. People with this gem placement can be a little neurotic sometimes and are more concerned with logic or what makes SNES than how they feel at the time, though it shouldn’t be said that they are unfeeling. They just tend to think first and act later.

The Face:

Your eyes, your nose, wherever your gem is in your face, you can bet you’re the “superior race”. People with facial gems tend to be not only really intense but prideful and obstinate. We see it in both Jasper and Eyeball (one of the Ruby Squad), and neither were willing to accept Steven’s help in the face of absolutely certain death. People with this gem placement can fall into narcissistic fits and alienate people around them. So if you’ve got a rock up to your nose, or stuck in your eye, consider the fact that you’re not perfect and may need help getting it out.

The Neck:

These Gems tend to be great communicators, capable of talking their way out of any situation. They’re the fast-talking salesmen of the galaxy and have an affinity for diplomacy. However, they sometimes don’t know when or how to shut up.

The Chest:

You are an intensely passionate person. Sometimes too much so. Often times, you wind yourself up more than anyone else ever could, and it’s so hard for you to calm down. But it’s not always for the better. Bismuth is a prime example. So you over-zealous football fans, take some chill pills and relax. No one’s head needs to adorn your team’s goal posts.

The Back:

Do you have trouble saying no? You might have a dorsal gem placement. These people tend to be more submissive. Not necessarily doormats, but find it hard to deny anyone anything for fear of being abandoned or disliked.

The Naval (Belly Button):

People with this gem placement are more intuitive and instinctual than cerebral. They’re almost as emotional as those with chest-placed gems but in a much softer way. Both Steven and Rose Quartz have this placement and would prefer to access how people feel rather than what they’re thinking or to fight them directly. This particular example is also special because this gem is where the umbilical cord would be if there were a cord during Steven’s birth. This could also indicate an instinct to nourish or nurture in those with a naval gem.

…With the exception of Navy. We have no idea what went wrong there.

The Limbs (arms, hands, feet, and legs):

The adage “actions speak louder than words” fits you like a glove… or a sock depending where your stone is located. It isn’t as though you don’t think, you just don’t share what you’re thinking very well. You just do things before you explain them, or sometimes before you ask permission. It’s this kind of silent impulsiveness that can get you into trouble. But some may find it very thoughtful and sweet. You’re a very hands-on learner, and you may need to make a mistake or two before you fully get what it is you’re doing. But that’s okay. Practice makes perfect.