Felicity see that? Awesome right? Specially since the readers can’t see it. Photo Credit: Arrow/CW

Arrow is taking a hiatus this week, which gives us a brief time frame to reflect and to look ahead. The thing that has me most uneasy is the group Helix. As a reminder Helix is hactivist organization, which in it’s core sounds like a dangerous line. Felicity once was the queen in the underground but has used her skills for a greater good, even if she doesn’t realize it. Felicity got pulled back into Helix because of information they have that could free John Diggle. John Diggle is not excited about what Felicity is doing but Felicity seems to enjoy the rush from being back involved in the underground scene.

Helix wants Felicity to keep working on some jobs for them, the main question I have is why? I believe it’s because the hacking level is above them, and they need someone with Felicity’s skill set that can do it. I am worried what the end game is and how they are using Felicity for their grand scheme. I am afraid that Felicity is going to get in to deep and pulled back into the black hole and it’s going to hurt team Arrow more than they can handle.

Besides the darkness that I am afraid Felicity will experience, I’m curious to see what Bratva will be doing in the future. Since they have been brought up to the present I don’t think that is the last we have seen of them.

This week Oliver will have more interactions with the district attorney also known as Promethius, it’s going to be an interesting game of chess between the two sides.