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Last week on Superstore, Amy tried to get Instagram views, Glenn finds out Mateo has been committing rewards card fraud & Dina turns into the social media police.

Dina & Cheyenne

  • After an employee posts a video of himself farting into the store coffee cups – corporate comes down to remind everyone to not do that. Dina decides to take this one step further and starts investigating everyone’s social media accounts for things that could be harmful to the store.
  • She enlists Cheyenne’s help because she is a youth who would be better at this stuff (or because she wants Cheyenne to incriminate herself as she does later, I haven’t decided exactly what her motives were.)
  • They bond, they have fun, they start becoming friendly, and at one point Dina has an expression of such joy on her face it touches my cold dead heart.
  • Then Cheyenne feels comfortable enough to reveal that she is the one that dared the employee to fart in the cups and post about it.
  • Dina continues cackling as she walks away, to write her up for it.

Glenn & Mateo

  • To apologize for the insensitive video, Glenn sends everyone who has a rewards card a mass e-mail.
  • Most of them are undeliverable so he starts asking Garrett if he knows if anyone has been making clients up and giving away cards to fake people.
  • At first Garrett is like why would anyone do this and then he learns that the employee gets one dollar for every rewards member. Then he’s more pissed he didn’t think to scam the company himself.
  • They investigate further and see that most of these fake accounts were signed up by Mateo.
  • When confronted, Mateo acts shocked and hurt that Glenn would accuse him of such a thing, even though he obviously did it…and not even very well.
  • He creates a fake website for this one card-holder & even has Jonah fake call the store and thank the manager for his experience with an employee named Mateo. He thinks he’s gotten away with it and is acting all slick and making Glenn feel bad.
  • Then Glenn begs him to go to lunch together so he can apologize, but they don’t go to lunch, they go to the fake address on the fake website, bother some old lady, and waste lots of time before Mateo comes clean.


  • While everyone is talking about social media and sharing each others accounts, all the guys become obsessed with Kelly’s mundane Instagram videos.
  • While Amy is watching them and wondering what’s so great about them, she spots Jonah in one! At her place! In the morning during breakfast!
  • She figures out that they’re dating and this makes her hate Kelly’s videos more and want to prove to Jonah that it’s easy to get a hundred views on InstaStory (it’s hard fam).
  • She does this crazy corny videos with a bad hip-hop getup and kind of embarrasses herself online. Then in the middle of one, she realizes that it’s all crazy & she goes on a rant about the uselessness of social media – all the while there are rats climbing up all over the kitchen shelf behind her.
  • She posts this video, not realizing that it’s popularity is from the rats & not from her honest real talk about social networks.
  • Corporate comes back to be like BRO don’t advertise that we have rats and then someone outs Jonah & Kelly and he makes it awkward by outing them further and making them official and Amy is entirely uncomfortable throughout.
Superstore - Season 3

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We all know that before boy and girl can get together, after girl is no longer married, boy has to jump into a relationship with a rando who isn’t suited to him so we can wait you out Justin Spitzer…but Amonah (bad ship name, I’ll work on it) WILL happen!