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***This post contains major spoilers for episode 2×2 of Black Lightning, “The Book of Consequences-Chapter Two: Black Jesus Blues.”

In Tobias’ office after the death of Cyonide last week, Khalil (Painkiller) tells Tobias that he was following Syonide’s orders before she died. During a game of chess, Khalil learns the hard way from Tobias that actions have consequences and that he needs to learn to anticipate. As Tobias declares check-mate and takes Khalil’s queen, he tells him,” You let me take your queen, just like you let that b**** take Syonide from me.”


Check.Mate.(Courtesy of SpoilerTV/The Cw)

At the ASA headquarters, one of the meta’s breaks free from his pod and accidentally kills a man, before freeing Wendy (another meta-human) and dying. Lynn tries to help the girl but she can’t really see or hear because of the effects of being in stasis for so many years. Wendy uses her wind powers to break free from the facility by blasting down the wall and jumps out the building.

Lynn brings this information to Gambi and Jefferson before she heads back to the ASA to meet with Agent O’Dell and Issa Williams, the green light baby from the last episode. He’s being kept there because right now O’Dell doesn’t think he should be on the streets.

Back at the Pierce residence, Anissa lectures Jennifer about staying fit and seeing their powers as a blessing. Jennifer tells Anissa that all she does is work and the she needs to get out more. Both of them have also noticed that Jefferson and Lynn have been getting closer and closer and say its kinda cute. Anissa tells Jennifer that “relationships are complicated,” which Jennifer jokingly replies “how would you know, you don’t have anyone.” (Good Burn Jenn, Good Burn)

Anissa, taking the advice from her sister, dresses up and attends the party of a cute up and coming musician. Anissa the ever confident, seduces the girl and stays the night at the singers pad. Before Anissa can leave to go to class, the girl tries to get her to stay, offering her dim sum in New York but Anissa is smart and knows that this is something she shouldn’t really get too involved in right now.


Seduction 101 (Courtesy of SpoilerTV/The Cw)

At Garfield High, Napier informs Jefferson that the man that will be replacing him as Principal is a white man and that the board needs to know that he’s 100% on board with this and won’t undermine the new authority. Jefferson is not happy that they hired a white man at the predominately black school, but Napier informs him that if he want’s to save his reputation, he has no choice but going along with it.

Gambi tracks Wendy and for the first time we get to see the new Light Cave in it’s glory. (I was going to go with Lightning Cave but I think Light Cave rolls off the tongue better*)

Khalil shows up at Jennifer’s window and tells her he’s not going anywhere till she talks to him. Jennifer pushes Khalil off the roof but Khalil gets back up and jumps up there again. Jennifer tells him that was for killing Black Lightning and shooting up the school. Khalil tries to tell her his sob story about not having options, how Tobias gave him legs and how he tried to get over her but he can’t. Khalil also tries to get her to admit she still has feelings for him but this causes Jennifer to start to feel her powers.A scared Jennifer tells Khalil she’s going to call the police and he leaves.

Tobias meets with Marsellus an old mentor of his who is dying and Tobias tells him of his plan to make Freeland the new Somalia. They talk about Alvin Pierce and how Tobias called him an Uncle Tom and made him eat all his words. Because of this however, Marsellus knows too much and Tobias snaps his neck.

Wendy is walking around Freeland causing destruction before Black Lightning and Thunder arrive on the scene. Anissa uses her powers to move cars, telephone lines and help people that are trapped. When the people start clapping, Thunder starts bowing to the crowds and giving high fives. Jefferson isn’t fond of the way she is acting and asks her what’s next, Thunder Instagram?

Back at the Pierce house, Jennifer is readying dinner with a lot of pepper, i mean a whole lot of pepper before Lynn walks in with Issa who she had been keeping an eye on. At the dinner table, everything is going good until Issa’s neck starts twitching and everyone start’s getting way too truthful. Jennifer and Anissa start saying really mean things to Issa while the family starts settling its family drama about Jennifer feeling trapped in there and Jefferson telling Anissa how he feels about her showboating. They realize that Issa’s power makes everyone tell the truth. Things get awkward while everyone dissipates and Jennifer who doesn’t want Issa to feel left out tells him to come up to the roof with her. Jenn who is having trouble controlling her own powers is a calming influence on Issa and helps him discover how his powers really work, by not staring into someones eyes.


Enough Pepper, Jenn? (Courtesy of SpoilerTV/The Cw)

Anissa escapes by going to another party with the musician, Zoe B. They’re kissing & having a good time when all of a sudden Grace Choi (last seen in 1×4) pops up and things get reaaally awkward. They talk for a little and Anissa tells her that things have been really crazy but Grace isn’t really having it and tells her she has to get back to work.

Tobias meets with another man from their past. The man hands Tobias some evidence before shooting him, tying up another loose end.

While running tests on Issa, Lynn discovers that his cells are destabilizing and that he doesn’t have much time to live without a cure. She gives him the option of living and dying or going back in the pods. He chooses to live. Later, Issa and his parents are reunited and O’Dell shows up after the fact. He wants to study the boy out in the open.

Gambi tracks the meta of the week at the Freeland youth center and Black Lightning goes there alone. The girl knocks Black Lightning down a few times with her powers but eventually Black Lightning lights her up and tells her he’s there to help, she agrees to it. They take her back to the ASA where she decides she wants to go back in the pod.

Back at Gambi’s, Jefferson questions Anissa on why she wasn’t there when they took down Wendy. He sees the hickey on her neck and tells her she needs to tighten her act up. Anissa tells Jefferson to sing a new song because this one is getting old.

At Freeland, Jefferson meets with the students to tell them he’s stepping down as principal. He tells them of his support of the principal and that he will still be here as a teacher. As he walks off the stage, one of his students starts yelling out Jefferson’s school motto. Jefferson recites the rest of the motto as he walks off the stage with a standing ovation.


In my thought’s from last week I talked about how disappointing it would be if Syonide was really dead as I thought she had a lot of untapped potential for this show. After the first scene with Tobias and Khalil, I believe she really is dead and if she is going to come back it may not be this season. The reasoning may be that Black Lightning is developing into some kind of meta of the week show, at-least for this season. Between the green light babies and kids in the pod’s, it seems like the show may evolving into those kind of stories at-least for this season, which is kind of disappointing, because we see enough of those repetitive villain of the week stories on shows like The Flash and Supergirl. Black Lightning has always been a show that’s differentiated itself from the other comic book shows on the CW by dealing with real life issues and by staying grounded in tone so if they are going to add more characters and powers to the show, lets hope it pushes the show in a new exciting way and doesn’t devolve the show to a more generic super-hero drama.

Jefferson stepping down as principal to become a teacher at Garfield kinda makes little sense. While I get they want to keep some of the stories in the high school, realistically, I don’t think a school board would ever be okay with this. I get that Jefferson has a big influence in the community, but having Jefferson there still would probably end causing more harm then good.

I hate to disagree with Jefferson Pierce but I do think he needs to lighten up a little on Anissa. If anything, Thunder building a rapport with the Freeland community is a good thing. While yeah, she should probably tone it down a bit and do a little less showboating, Thunder is already a pretty popular hero in Freeland, if she was ever framed the community would be less likely to turn on her.

Jennifer steals almost every scene she’s in. If she had a 2nd super-power it would be scene-stealing.

Also, Anissa Pierce is a god.

Does anyone else feel like Black Lightning has only been in his suit for like 30 seconds this season?

I’m so glad they brought back Grace Choi, unless she leaves again and doesn’t come back for 10 more episodes.

Tobias is cooking up something huge, I can’t wait to see what it is.

The ending season with Jefferson walking off the stage to his motto was a very powerful, emotional scene.

Still a lot to like with the show, but it’s started off with a little lull. I trust that the writers have something big planned to right the ship.